Cornerstone Community Church
09.20.20 Sunday Gathering
At Cornerstone, we strive to equip each other to be more like Christ. Our Sunday a gathering is a time to come together, connect, worship, and understand God's word better. Welcome. Glad you're here today. Let us know you’re here:
Locations & Times
  • TCMS Auditorium
    601 E Lafayette St, Perry, FL 32347, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

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United Youth (7-12th Grade) 9.23.20
An exciting event for students with food, games, worship, biblical teaching and small groups. Every other Wednesday at Calvary Baptist Church.
AWANA (Kids 6th Grade & Under) 09.30.20
Our mid-week gathering for kids. Food, fun, scripture memory and more. Every other Wednesday at Calvary Baptist Church.
When you hear that we're discussing JONAH in the bible, what comes to mind?

God speaks through His Word

How do we hear the voice of God today?To first answer the question “God is that you?”

We must begin by realizing
that God does still speaks to us today.

The book of Jonah begins in an exciting fashion --God’s self-
revelation to the prophet of Jonah

When the Word of the Lord comes to Jonah it is accompanied by two
a. Go
b. Preach against it

What we see through these imperatives is a God who notices, a God who is active, and a God who takes sin seriously.

Then we see a tragic decision by Jonah.

For some, we are not wrestling with the question of “God is that you?” We are faced with the question of “Will I obey?

According to Jonah, how do we hear from God?

The primary way we hear God’s voice today is through His word.

The Word is
a. Inspired
i. It is true and it can be trusted
ii. It is the standard for righteousness
Its truth is bigger than my context
It’s truth is sufficient to guide my life today
You won’t be able to understand God’s voice, until you know God’s word.
In order to hear God in the ways we will be discussing over the n ext few weeks...

You must start by knowing the Word of God.

Takeaway: You won’t be able to understand God’s voice, until you know God’s word.

Challenge: Start a bible reading plan