Family Matters Series
Getting Healthy / Staying Healthy
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Getting Healthy/Staying Healthy
Family Matters! Series
Song of Solomon 2:10-17

What does healthy look like?

1. Time together vv 10-14

A. Solomon was eager to be with his future wife vv 10-13.

A couple of questions:
1. Do you say, “I have to be with you" or, “I want to be with you?"
2. The idea is that Solomon was going to be alone with the Shulamite woman - free from distractions.

- Are your alone times free from distractions - electronics, social media, etc.?

B. He would not settle for anything less v 14.

- Fight for time together

2. Foxes removed v 15

A. The possibility of destruction is very real, though subtle.Those cute little foxes have a mission - ruin your vineyard!

B. What kinds of little foxes can bring great destruction to a relationship?

1. The fox of role reversal. Warning 1: A marriage will get into trouble when God’s role for the husband and the wife is reversed or abused.
2. The Fox of Intimacy Stagnation. Warning 2: A marriage will get into trouble when initial, sensual love fails to develop into true intimacy.
3. The Fox of Silence/Stonewalling. Warning 3: A marriage will get into trouble when it is not being nourished by regular and genuine communication.
4. The Fox of Time Ill Spent. Warning 4: A marriage will get into trouble when forces or persons outside the marriage encroach on the all-important time the two of you need alone to build and maintain a healthy relationship.
5. The Fox of Outside Interference. Warning 5: A marriage will get into trouble when real and personal needs are being met more and more outside the marriage.
6. The Fox of Fatigue. He’s talking more than just about physical exhaustion. Warning 6: A marriage will get into trouble if the wedding vows are considered conditional, marriage is no longer considered a sacred covenant before God, and divorce begins to be considered as a possible solution to an unhappy situation.
7. The Fox of Misunderstanding. Warning 7: A marriage will get into trouble if the man and woman fail to understand and appreciate and enjoy just how really different they are from each other.

These will help to get rid of the foxes:
1. Take your spouse’s call.
2. Let her know when you’ll be late getting home.
3. Set aside 15 minutes of uninterrupted talk time each day.
4. Ask,“What one action can I take that will make crystal clear to you that I love, deeply love you?”

3. Clear Devotion vv 16-17

A. There was no mistaking their devotion to one another.
B. Is there any question about your devotion to your spouse? Is your wife an 8-cow wife?

What now?
1. Get a calendar - schedule your time together as a couple and a family, or you will never have the time you need.

2. Find a place - set aside for the two of you to talk.

3. Read the Bible - read the same chapter of Proverbs over the next month and then talk about it when you are in your place.

4. Pray for, and with, each other over the next month.