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Who is in your Corner? - What makes a great cornerman? (Matthew 8:5-8) A personal quiet time guide and family devotional guide based on the sermon, April 29, 2018
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    5440 SW 37th St, Topeka, KS 66614, USA
    Monday 12:00 AM
This week we will be looking at what a cornerman is and the value of having a good one. A great cornerman provides confidence, delivers instruction, and administers encouragement. A great cornerman will tell you like it is, and be there for you whether you win or lose.
● How does the concept of the cornerman fit in this passage?
● How do you think the centurion had heard of Jesus?
● Where does his faith come from?
● What is scripture good for?
● How have you experienced these effects?
● How do you apply what you learn?
● What distinguishes us from other people?
● What kind of fruit is He referring to?
● What kind of fruit do you produce?
● What kind of cornerman qualities do we see here?
● What kind of cornerman qualities do you possess?
● Why do you think that is?
● How do we exercise wisdom?
● Who should we seek counsel from?
● When should we seek counsel?
● Do you have any friends like this?
● Why or why not?

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