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Empowered: The Fire Continues

A. What gave the early church its power?
1. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching.
2. They devoted themselves to fellowship.
3. They devoted themselves to sharing meals.
4. They devoted themselves to prayer.
"All the believers devoted themselves..."
B. The early church experienced an outpouring of God’s Spirit because…
Acts of the Apostles 2:43-47 NLT

1. They had a deep sense of awe for God.
2. They met together regularly.
3. They shared with one another.
4. They sacrificed for the greater cause.
5. They worshipped together daily.
6. They shared meals together.
7. Prayer and praise were a regular part of their meeting.
8. God blessed their lives with new believers daily! They repented of sin and were baptized into new life! (There were over 40 baptism pools around Jerusalem.)
C. The early church did not separate from the Temple…
1. Prayer was observed three times a day in the Temple, at 9 in the morning, at noon, and at 3 in the afternoon.
2. The beggar, who had been placed by the Beautiful Gate, asked for money!
3. Peter and John had no money to give.
4. Peter offered healing instead. The beggar jumped to his feet, and began walking, leaping, and praising God!
D. Peter began preaching in the Temple…
1. The miraculous healing of the beggar drew a large crowd in Solomon’s Colonnade. (A long outside sheltered hallway surrounded by columns.)
2. Peter used this opportunity to preach a very similar sermon to Pentecost.
3. Peter’s new fire was not dampened by resistance or rejection that came from the priests or the guards.
4. Peter offered all the opportunity of God’s grace through Jesus Christ.
Acts of the Apostles 3:19-20 NLT

E. How do we keep the fire burning within us?
1. Keep faithful in reading and studying the Bible. Put yourself in a place where receiving teaching of the Word is a priority.
2. Let generosity be a hallmark of your life. People are more valuable than “things,” so share with others.
3. Make fellowshipping with others a priority. Reach out to those around you to connect one on one, in small groups, and in larger groups.
4. Let praise be an identifiable characteristic of your life. If others would use several adjectives to describe you, let one of them be a “person of praise!”
5. Keep prayer a priority in your life…personally and in groups.
6. Be unashamed to share Jesus with those in your world.
7. Make worship a priority and don’t let recreation, hobbies, sports, or other distractions keep you from that priority.
8. Be prepared to see people come to faith in Christ!
If you have made a personal decision to receive Christ as your Lord and Savior, please send us a text so we can celebrate with you.
Simply Text: IChooseJesus To: 88202

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