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Holy Ghost Stories - Breath of Life
From the beginning, the Holy Spirit brought order to chaos and light to darkness. We may be capable of creating physical life, but only the Holy Spirit can redeem our spiritual lives.
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Think about all of that systematic process that's happening all the time and you're not even thinking about it. It's just happening, all the time, and it's literally keeping you alive.
The word (the Old Testament writers) used to describe the Spirit of God or the Holy Spirit is…

Ruach: Breath or wind
The Holy Spirit inside of you is better than Jesus beside you.
The reality is that the Holy Spirit has been around since the beginning.
Agent of Creation
Arranger of Creation
Protector of Creation
The Holy Spirit creates, orders, and sustains all life.
The Holy Spirit creates, orders, and sustains
The Holy Spirit creates, orders, and sustains, but at God’s discretion for national direction and protection.
Pharisees were the religious leaders of the Israelite community, the Israelite nation.
How can you be born of the Spirit if the Spirit comes and goes at God's discretion and direction?
(John) says, "Whoever believes in Jesus," which means whoever believes that Jesus came, died, and came back to life for your sin, that's it. That's the belief, that's it.
We breathe in the Spirit when we believe in the Son.
Heaven celebrates when we are born again.
On our own, we can't create peace out of chaos, abundance from emptiness, light in the darkness, or life from death.
The Holy Spirit takes our formless, empty, and dark life and creates, arranges, and protects our new life.
If you feel formless at times, if you feel empty, if things feel dark, there is beautiful news for you. The Holy Spirit would love to change that. | When you place your faith in Jesus, the Holy Spirit enters your life and makes you new.
What's actually keeping you from breathing in the Breath of Life?

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