Heartland Community Church
Sunday Worship April 22, 2018
Join us this Sunday as we look at common misconceptions about what the Bible DOES say instead of what people THINK it says! Come find out what the Bible really says and what it means to you this Sunday at 10:45am!
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  • Heartland Community Church
    4907 10th St, Great Bend, KS 67530, USA
    Sunday 10:45 AM
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Sermon Notes & Scripture
"The Bible Doesn't Say That: Suffering Always Comes From Sin"
Pastor Matt Schaffner
Big Question: is suffering ALWAYS a result of sin?
ALL suffering is a direct result of sin- suffering literally happens because sin entered the world back in Genesis.
However, not ALL suffering is a result of OUR sin.
Note two things from the passage:
1) Job was BLAMELESS- "a man of complete integrity"
2) God ALLOWED Job to be "tested."
From Job 1, we can confidently say that suffering does NOT always come from our sin.
Suffering WILL test our faith.
Note two things:
1) Job knew who everything he had came from- good & bad
2) Job's faith was stronger than his suffering & pain.
Are you more apt to blame suffering or blessing on God? Is the choice an indicator of your faith or fear?
Suffering forces us to:
1) Confront our fear
2) Evaluate what our faith is in
3) Hold more tightly to what we base our life on
Even in the midst of the worst of the worst- remember:
1) God is still good
2) God is still loving
3) This is not the end
Monday is coming!
What happens Sunday is only as meaningful as what you do with it the rest of the week. To know what the Bible DOESN'T say you need to get to know WHAT it really says. To get to know WHAT it really says you've got to learn how to read it for all its worth. Join us on a 12 day journey as we learn HOW to read our Bible better.