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CHANGED - changed mind
...life with Jesus leads to a changed life. A look at 1 Peter and some key markers that are to mark the life of followers of Jesus. Peter is encouraging us to stand strong and stay faithful. To understand WHO we are before God and all we've been given in Christ. He wants to remind us of the change that has occurred within, so we can be influencers and agents of change in our world.
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There are certain things that mark us – and we’re tagged as being that type or kind of person. Maybe you've been tagged a hard worker, loyal, happy-go-lucky person, smart or other label. There's some spiritual markers that are to mark our lives as we follow Jesus.
Tonight: a changed mind
Truth: It is impossible to follow Jesus and NOT be changed in the process. We will be CHANGED because it’s one of the things Jesus does best.

Peter challenged these scattered believers to prepare your minds for action.
Anozonnymi – ‘gird up’ (prepare)
(an idiom, literally ‘to bind up the loins of the mind’) to prepare oneself for learning and thinking—‘to get one’s mind ready for action, to be ready to learn, to think, be alert.’
‘= have your minds ready for action’ -see 1 Peter 1:13
In the Scriptures, the word “mind” is used 121 times. Several different Hebrew and Greek words are used for the English word mind. The basic definition is: Mind = Thinking through or thinking over; the place of knowing and reasoning. If our mind is a place of knowing and understanding, it is imperative that we allow God to shape our minds the way He desires them to know and understand. As a disciple of Jesus (follower) – we want God to upload/update our 'Operating System' if you will. Internalizing the Scriptures has a unique way of transforming our minds for God and His good.
The word for conform (used elsewhere only in Romans 12:2) means “to pattern one’s life or actions after.” = pattern your life now after Jesus.
Do as he would do.
Think like he would think.
See life like he would see life.
The Bible is not only a book, which was once spoken, but a book which is now speaking.
-A.W. Tozer
Here are just a few facts about the Bible that make it incredibly unique:
 Written over a span of 2,000 years.
 Written by more than 40 authors, from all walks of life - educated and uneducated, Jews and Gentiles.
 Written in different moods. (From times of joy - to the depths of sadness.)
 Written in 3 different languages. (Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek)
The Bible contains hundreds of controversial issues, but there is one unfolding story: God’s love for his people and his work to draw them closer to him through Jesus Christ.
Scriptures have been given to us to rewire, retrain, reboot and reload God’s operating system – so our mind and mindsets matches more of His.
Memorizing God’s Word puts it in your head.
Meditating on God’s Word puts it in your heart!
As we read Scripture – ask 3 key questions:
1.What does God want me to know? (truth)
2.How does this help me know God better or relate to others? (relationship)
3.What does God want me to now do? (action)
bottom line:
a MIND marinated with God's Scripture, leads to a LIFE filled with God's power
a MIND marinated with God's Scripture, leads to a LIFE filled with God's power
(dwell on that this week)
try to memorize Romans 12:2 and if you haven't established a reading pattern in the Bible - check out the free Bible app (YouVersion) - it has thousands of reading plans that help! Reminder: we want a pattern of NOT just getting through Scripture, but getting the Scripture through us.
*Read, Reflect, React.
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