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Peninsula Covenant Church

9/13/20 Message Notes

9/13/20 Message Notes

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Peninsula Covenant Church

3560 Farm Hill Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94061, USA

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Message Title: Radiant Followers
Date: September 13, 2020
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What are the headlines filling your mind these days?

---Instead, walk through Ephesians 2 and 5 to lay a foundation to be radiant followers of Christ.

Headline 1:
Humans have rebelled and cut themselves off from their lifeline!
Headline 2:
God did the unthinkable when humans rebelled--He ran after them.
Jesus didn’t die to make bad people good; He died to make dead people come to life!
Saved: someone is in danger and unable to rescue themselves, so someone else stepped in to rescue and deliver them from danger.

What headlines are dominating your outlook these days?
---Repent and ask God to fill you with Kingdom headlines
---How many "Kathy’s" are in your relational network and are one prayer, one invitation, or more away from giving their lives to Christ. INVITE!
May you jump into the arms of Jesus and may He push out into the world. May you be healed as you participate in the healing of others. Not because you must, but because you may. This is why we were born!
Radiant: The Power of Light series will examine how Jesus transforms individuals, calls them to devote themselves to a community called the Church and what exactly we are to devote ourselves to. Plus, this series is an explanation of the priorities for our next season so we can live into our PCC mission. It's an invitation for people to drive deep roots into PCC, showing them the difference they can make, and finally an attempt to display the transformative power contained within every stakeholder at PCC.

1. We are bombarded with alarming headlines continually: on our phones, laptops, TV screens, and newspapers. If you could write your own headline, highlighting things that the world might not see, what would that look like? How would that affect your overall disposition? To do: Try turning off your phone, screens, or TV for a couple of hours 1-2 days this week. Share with your group or someone how this went the following week.

2. Think of a time you rebelled against your parents, teacher, employer, or the law, etc. What were the consequences? Did you ever try to negotiate or talk yourself out of your consequences? Did that work? Scripture tells us that we have rebelled spiritually! Against God! Some people might believe they are not “that bad.” That they live a “pretty good” life. What does Scripture say about rebellion? See: Ephesians 2:1,Isaiah 53:6

3. What are the spiritual consequences of rebellion? See Ephesians 2:3, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23. When we rebel against God, is it negotiable? Isn’t God a God of love? Surely He will be lenient. How is God the God of love, and yet have these consequences for mankind?

4. Think of a time when you were rescued from something. From a bad choice, an addiction, a relationship, or a potentially harmful incident, etc. How did you feel towards the person who helped rescue you? How did you feel about your new situation? God is in the business of rescuing as well; He is the ultimate Rescuer and Savior. See Ephesians 2:4-5, Ephesians 2:8. How do you feel towards God, your Spiritual Savior? Compare and contrast your old and new self/situation, before and after being saved spiritually. Share that in your group or reflect on your own.

5. Sharing a rescue story isn’t always easy. It can bring up lots of uncomfortable feelings. Being able to articulate our condition resulting from rebellion, and its consequences spiritually is often hard as well. We can come across as either too harsh or too soft. Or we just don’t know what to say at all. How comfortable are you talking to others about sin, and its consequences? How does Matthew 10:19,20 give you comfort? Discuss the concept of sharing Christ today. How is Christ received in the world today? Is this different from when Paul wrote to the Ephesians?

6. If you are in a House Church or small group, divide into pairs and role play a situation in which one is questioning his/her state of rebellion and the other is using Scripture to inform. Take turns playing each role. Share in your groups what that was like. If you are alone, practice what you might say to someone. Remember Scripture is what penetrates the heart and soul, not our fancy words, so use Scripture, ie: “Let me tell you what Scripture says about that” and then fill in the blank. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about Kingdom topics because we don’t really know God’s Word. We “know about His word,” but don’t truly know His Word. If we truly want the Holy Spirit to give us the words to say we have to write them in our hearts so He can do a work in us. See Deuteronomy 11:18. Memorize Ephesians 2:8 this week. Ask God to bring opportunities to share your story, how you have been rescued, and about God’s amazing love and grace for all.

Prayer: Lord, we confess our thoughts are not always on YOU, the headline story, but on things of this world. Help us to keep our eyes fixed on You so that we might be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We acknowledge that we strayed from you. We went our own way. We acknowledge that the wages of sin is death. Thank you that while we were yet sinners, You showed Your great love and mercy to us by dying on the cross. That while we were dead in our sins You rescued us from what we deserve, eternal separation from YOU. Thank you that whosoever receives You has eternal life. Thank you that You accept us just as we are, and now may we see Your image inside of others, and be bold enough to be Your light in this dark world. Help us to hide Your Word inside our hearts that Your Spirit can use us. We are here, Lord. In Jesus’ Almighty Name we pray, Amen.

Radiant Series

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