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4.8.2018 | Acts - Week 3
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April 8, 2018

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.

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National Youth Day
Next Sunday we will celebrate National Youth Day as our teens minister during our morning service.

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Our annual WOP Yard Sale will be held this week, April 13-14.
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Starting on Sunday morning, April 15, Pastor Keith will be teaching “Christ in the Passover”

~ Starting Wednesday night, April 18, Pastor Jeff will be teaching “Christianity Lite-Stop Drinking a Watered Down Gospel”.
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In Sympathy
To Rose and Kyra Kauffman on the Home going of their husband and father, Les Kauffman. Keep the family in prayer as they go through this difficult time. Service details will be available soon.

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Last week...

Last week, Pastor Jeff talked the resurrection of Jesus.
Let’s first look at what “tongues” is.

The word is in the Greek is Glossolalia and it can mean one of two things.

1) It can be a language that the speaker has never been taught or knows.

2) It can also be an unknown language to anyone.
Which ever it is, it is a way of expressing praise and thanksgiving to God in an method that better or more descriptive of what is in our hearts but may be insufficient in the English language.

Speaking in tongues is a supernatural expression of God’s spirit.

It is a Holy Spirit inspired way of speaking.

Speaking in tongues is the initial outward sign or physical evidence of the baptism.

Something to confirm that we have indeed received it.
They realized that these people had received the baptism because of them hearing tongues.

That was the evidence.
Why would the Bible make note of this unless it was an important bit of info?

Just as in Bible days, people have disregarded this as something that is man-made or self-induced.
Things that are supernatural tend to scare folks, even those who are believers.

Just because we can’t explain everything that is supernatural or it appears to be silly to some, does not mean it doesn’t occur.

The baptism in the Holy Spirit is something that we believe is a Biblically based event that is still available to every believer today.

Also the tongues are NOT the reason we want the baptism, it is the evidence that we got it. We don’t seek that. That is something that God will use at different times.

What do we seek when we seek the baptism?
This is the same Peter who was afraid of little girls and denied Jesus. This was the same Peter that couldn’t really answer Jesus when he was asked 3 times. “Do you love me”?

He wasn’t confident of what Jesus thought of him nor was he confident of his ability to stand up for Jesus.

But now he is baptized in the HS, and gets the power to witness.
He stands up, raises his voice and addresses the 3000!

What does he do first?

He uses scripture to support what he is going to say.
Every single thing that we teach, preach and believe better be Biblically supported.
Peter is showing the people that what is happening was already prophesied in the Old Testament.

They shouldn’t be surprised because God told them it was coming.

The first part is indicating that what they were seeing and hearing is exactly what God said.

The second part about wonders in heavens, blood billows of smoke, Joel and Peter are connecting the gifts of the spirit (first fruits) to the age to come.
A brief aside about OT prophesies...

At any given time and in any given prophecy, the prophet may be speaking of 2 different occurrences at 2 different times. And the prophet may not know that.

Joel’s one prophecy spoke about 2 events that would happen, but would happen years apart from each other.

a. The first being the pouring out of His spirit in Pentecost
b. The second occurring at the end of the church age.

This means that the first part, I will pour out my spirit, lasts until the end of the age.

As long as the church age is here, God will pour out his spirit.

It didn’t end with the apostles.
After reading Joel to them, he now begins to show them how that is fulfilled in and through Jesus--making them remember all that Jesus did in his ministry.

What was he doing?
~ Using testimonies of Jesus’ power and miracles to support his preaching.
~ Reminding them that it just wasn’t hear say, but things they have personally witnessed and received.

That’s why testimonies are such powerful evangelistic tools.
Again, reminding everyone that each person had a part in the death of Christ.

Whether you actively participated in it or just because his death was payment for their sins, they were complicit.

So whether we swung the hammer, or not, he was there to die because of our sins. So we are all equally guilty.
We all die because of sin. We were meant to live forever, but sin changed that.

So death holds the claim check for our lives. And it will be claimed.

But since Jesus did NOT sin, death had no claim on Him.

Jesus said it best.
Peter continues on with his sermon. He uses more scripture when he quotes David in Psalm 16 and Psalm 110.

He ends his sermon with this:
Speaking to Jews, he uses terms that they would understand.

LORD actually means Exalted Ruler and Leader with authority over all.

Christ in the New Testament Greek is the same as Old Testament Messiah.

Which means anointed one and Savior.

He is boldly declaring that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah that the Old Testament told them about.

Notice he doesn’t say that their lives will be great if they believe or their problems will go away or God will heal, deliver, give them whatever they want.

And what was the response of those who heard the simple gospel?
This is the power of the Holy Spirit -- to use someone in such a way he gives them power and ability beyond what we already have.
1st repent ~ Realize that your sin separates you from God for eternity and get rid of it. Acknowledge that you can’t be good enough.

After you trust Christ, then we follow Jesus’ example and we are water baptized--not a condition of being saved, but an outward show of what God has done inward.
Not a condition of salvation, nor is water baptism a condition of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. But Peter knew that the Jews had known about John the Baptist and Jesus being water baptized and wanted them to follow His example.

The HS was a promise to every believer and many received it before they were water baptized.
Re-emphasizing Joel’s prophecy that it is for the whole church age.

And what was the end result of the sermon preached under the power of the Holy Spirit?
This is the difference the Holy Spirit can make in a life. The power to change an individual is available today.

If you believe in the power and baptism in the Holy Spirit and have not received it, today is the day!

Thank you for joining us!

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