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A Divine Comedy: The Donkey Comedian
God has created us with a unique abillity among all of his creation to laugh! Join us for this worship series as we look at Scriptures that describe the wonderful sense of humor of our Creator. Come laugh with us!
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We are glad you chose to worship with us! Each week we join together to celebrate our love for Jesus Christ and find encouragement to serve Christ through intentional discipleship.

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Consider This...

We find in the Bible that God used animals and worked through them.

- God used ravens to feed Elijah (I Kings 17:2-6)
- God closed the mouths of lions (Daniel 6, especially verse 22)

Donkeys are mentioned over 70 times in the Bible.

A couple of key examples:
- The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37, especially 34)
- Jesus rides into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday on a donkey (Matthew 21:1-11, especially verse 2)

God made a covenant with Abraham and Sarah that they would become parents of a great nation. God further promised them that the Messiah would come through their people. Through trials and tribulations God protected the nation of Israel per His promise to send the Messiah. At times this seemed in jeopardy, like when they were held in captivity. Many times God kept that promise alive through unique circumstances and characters, and who would have been less likely than a donkey.
God used a donkey to stop a man named Balaam from causing great harm. The donkey is able to see and understand what Balaam could not. Notice the conversation between donkey and rider in Numbers 22:28-30.

From this we learn lessons:
1. God gives us the gift of conviction to keep us from going where we should not or doing what we shouldn’t.
2. We need to be careful not to take our hardships out on others.
3. The importance of obedience as we just don’t hear, but that we do.
4. God can use anyone who will be available, just like God used Balaam’s donkey.

How not to love Jesus

An illustration of point #3 above:

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Music: King of Heaven

King of Heaven (Paul Baloche):

Music: Overcome

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Music: In Christ Alone

In Christ Alone (Adrienne Liesching and Geoff Moore):

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