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What does it mean to follow Jesus in a culture that thinks faith itself is irrelevant? And how do we live by faith in a culture that thinks the very question marks us as out-of-touch and out-of-step with the modern world? As fresh as this issue might feel right now, the truth is that God’s people have always faced this same dilemma. Join us as we find insight and encouragement for this all-important question from the book of Daniel.
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1. The book of Daniel is a prophetic book.
2. Most of Daniel’s prophecies have already been fulfilled.
What God says about the future is always meant to help His people thrive in the present
God doesn’t just want us to survive, He wants us to thrive...by facing circumstances with hope, humility and wisdom.
3. Daniel's faith caused friction with his surrounding culture...just like ours.
Our culture thinks practicing Christians are irrelevant and extreme.
- 42% of Americans reject the idea that “people of faith” have any part to play in solving our culture’s problems.

- 60% of US adults believe that sharing your faith with a person in the hopes that they will become a follower of Jesus is “extreme” behavior.

- 11% of US adults believe that reading your Bible silently in a public place is “extreme” behavior[1].

[1] Statistics from “Good Faith” by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons, based on the 2015 Barna OmniPoll.
We can thrive as God’s people only when we remember that our God is bigger than our Babylon.
1. Separate them from the support of a community of God’s people.
2. Immerse them in a new worldview.
3. Make compromise look lke a privilege
Their health was not a natural result of their diet...it was a supernatural result of their decision.
We thrive only when we refuse to compromise our allegiance to Jesus.
1. A relationship with a God who is bigger than your Babylon

2. Constantly reminding yourslef that God is bigger than your Babylon

3. The courage to reject compromise regardless of the cost

4. A community that will keep you strong
Some questions to ponder and discuss with others:

1. What is your Babylon?

2. Where is the world most pressuring you to compromise your allegiance to Jesus? What form is that pressure taking?

3. What do you need to do to help you remember that God is bigger than your Babylon?

Discover your place in God's story.

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