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Sunday Morning Service
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II Peter 2:1-3
“How To Spot A Phony”

1. Is there any way to tell the true from the false? Is there any way to spot a phony?
2. II Peter 2:1-3 gives us 4 caution lights:

Is there any way to tell the true from the false? Is there any way to spot a phony?
There were and there will be…The false will always be with us. It was true in Peter’s day
and Paul, John and Jude. They all uttered the same warning…cults, denominations,
organizations, isms and individuals use the name ‘Jesus’, but are phony.
A.Deceptive who secretly shall bring in
1.They will secretly introduce. They don’t wear a sign saying, “I am a fake.” “I am lying.” Quite the opposite, they will sound sincere and truthful.
2.Smuggle in their doctrine.
3.“To bring in by the side” They use the same words, ‘Jesus’ ‘God’ ‘Bible’ ‘Love’ They even read quotes from the Bible.
4.Peter is concerned with those who are claiming ‘The Truth’. What is sad is many well meaning Christians think that anything that bears the name “God” of “Jesus” must be legit.
5.Any fake or false will have some semblance of Truth.
B.Destructive Destructive heresies
1.Heresies means, to take something for one’s self, to choose or prefer. “It refers to a chosen course of thought that an individual or group takes…articles of faith or way of life.”
2.Heresies of destruction…It deviates from the authority. (II Pt. 1:19-21)
*They ultimately drive you farther from the Truth.
*They lose that which really matters and everything that makes life worth living.
C. Denying Even denying the Lord that bought them.
1. They claim to be Christians. They look and sound good, but the work of the
cross has never been applied.
2. They deny that Christ died as our substitute…though they may mouth the words.
*Bought means ‘to redeem or paid a ransom’. Watch where teachers place Jesus Christ and the atonement.
*People today do not know the Gospel when they hear it. Telethon: “Scores have come to Christ.” Yet, the Gospel had never been presented.
*The blood has been removed. If any deny the doctrine of Christ neither welcome them into your house or bid them God speed for in doing so you become a partaker of their evil deeds. (II John 9-11)
3. And bring upon themselves swift destruction (There is a hell.) To deny the Cross,
the blood, the virgin birth, miracles, the resurrection, the substitutionary atonement
of Christ doesn’t end well!

Is there any way to tell the true from the false? Is there any way to spot a phony?
A. Popularity And many shall follow
1.Just because someone has a large audience is no sign he or she is from God.
2.Sun Myung Moon had between 1-2 million followers. He died in 2012 at 92. He claimed to be the Messiah, the 2nd coming of Christ.
3.1 million can’t be wrong. There is strength in numbers!
B. Purity Pernicious ways
1.It is the same word (2:7) filthy which describe the sexually immoral residents of Sodom and Gomorrah.
2.It speaks of sexual excesses. David Korish of the Branch Davidians was the only one permitted to be intimate. Muhammed loved little girls. He had 13 ‘wives’ and one was a 6 year old.
3.Teaching and conduct go together. Doctrine must flow into right living. What was being taught appealed to the flesh. Many bought it. Many shall follow their ways. Watch that which appeals to the senses and flesh.
4.“Come to Jesus and live as you please.” There are few absolutes that would be too confining. People want some religious figure to permit their sinful behavior.
C.Problem By reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
1.Christians live in glass houses. We are being watched. If you don’t believe it, ask Jerry Falwell Jr.
2.The way was an early name for the Christian faith. They speak with reproach: Jim Baker…Jimmy Swigart…Ted Haggard was pastor in Colorado Springs with 14,000 members, and president of National Association of Evangelicals. In 2006 accused of homosexual relations and taking crystal meth. I could mention men that I knew. Jack Hyles, fastest growing church in America. Bill Hybels was the Senior Pastor of Willow Creek. They speak with reproach.
3.If God’s people are to point lost and dying men and women to Christ, they must not only speak the word, but they must live the word. The knowledge of God should lead to godly living.

Is there any way to tell the true from the false? Is there any way to spot a phony?
A.The Merchandise They shall make merchandise of you.
1.Follow The Money. A merchant is interested in making a profit by buying, selling or trading.
2.These exploit people for personal gain. They were running a racket. It’s all about the money: Mormons…Catholics…Jehovah Witness…Denominations…a church in Haiti they pay to get well! Money, money, money.
3.They have millions and want more. How is Kenneth Copeland worth $750 million??
B.The Motivation Through covetousness…in their greed they will exploit you.
1.It is a greedy desire to have more. Greed spawns greed!
2.There is greed for Power…Position…Precious things!
C.The Means With feigned words
1.Feigned is plastos from which we get our word plastic. They could sell ice to an Eskimo. These are smooth talkers!
2.They will exploit you with stories. These stories will be accepted as Truth!
3.Plastic preachers say what they are supposed to say. No one is offended. Everybody feels good.

Is there any way to tell the true from the false? Is there any way to spot a phony?
Will this go on forever? Ultimately, all will give an account to God!
A.Past Precedent 4-9
1.Their judgment is not idle.
2.Similar incidents in the past are recorded: Angels…an ancient world that perished…Sodom and Gomorrah.
B.Pressing Peril Their destruction slumbers not.
1.God is not asleep although it looks like they are getting away with it.
2.His wrath will fall!

How can you spot a phony?
Know God’s Word...Rely on God’s Word...Stay In God’s Word...
Filter Everything Through God’s Word!
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