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It's a Song of Victory: The Resurrection

Matthew 28:1-15
Mark 16:1-8
Luke 24:1-12
John 20:1-18
1. It was Friday…only 6 hours after it all began!
2. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus asked for the body of Jesus and took His body from the cross.
3. They wrapped His body in 75 pounds of myrrh and aloe with a white linen cloth.
4. They placed His body in Joseph’s unused garden tomb.
5. They rolled the stone in front of the tomb to seal the gravesite.
1. Mary, Mary Magdalene, Salome, and other women came to the tomb. But, no one thought about who would roll the stone away.
2. There was an earthquake, the second in only a few days. The stone rolled away. The guards fainted. The two angels appeared.
3. The angels spoke to the women to go tell the disciples and Peter.
4. Peter and John ran to the tomb. John outran Peter, but Peter stepped in first.
5. Then it dawned on them! He was supposed to rise from the dead!
6. The guards told the priests what happened (instead of Pilate) and they bribed the guards with a story, promising to back them to the governor. The story spread quickly.
7. Jesus appeared to His disciples and over 500 eyewitnesses! He was alive!!
C. We know these truths...
*Lee Strobel
1. Execution: Jesus was dead!
2. Empty tomb: No bones were ever found!
3. Eyewitnesses: Over 515, including skeptics!
4. Early accounts: Including in the creed of the early church (as early as 24-36 months after Jesus’ death), and historical data close to the happenings.
5. Emergence of the church: Explosive growth!
D. What will you choose to do today?
1. Joseph and Nicodemus were willing to give their fortunes and their lives. They came out of the darkness to openly admit their need to follow Jesus.
2. Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Salome and the other women were willing to face whatever persecution to demonstrate their love and devotion.
3. Peter and the disciples ultimately all gave their lives to follow Jesus. They came out of hiding and stood for Jesus.
4. All through history…men and women have been willing to stand unashamed and proclaim their faith in, and following of Jesus.
5. What will you do with the greatest story ever told?
- Come out of the darkness and openly admit your willingness to follow Jesus!
- Be willing to face whatever persecution or rejection you may face and follow Jesus.
- Be determined to not let fear control your voice for Jesus!
- Stand unashamed for the One who stood unashamed for you!

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