Plantation SDA Church
Deeper Season 2 Episode 11: Launch Party Part 2
Join us as Pastor Andrew Nugent continues Season 2 of Deeper. Deep study into the book of Joshua
Locations & Times
  • Plantation SDA Church
    400 NW 118th Ave, Plantation, FL 33325, USA
    Wednesday 7:30 PM
Deeper Theme: There is a first time for everything and for Israel this is their first time in the Promised Land.
What did God roll away from Israel?

God rolled away the reproach of Egypt from Israel, that is why the place i called Gilgal .
What is the significance of the 14th day of the first month?

Joshua 5:10
Ex. 12: 17-18
Luke 23: 46

The 14th of the first month [Nisan] falls on the 30th of March this year.
What is the significance of the 15th day of the first month?

Joshua 5:11-12

Israel ate of the produce of the land, and the manna ceased on that
Other than deliverance from Egypt what other meaning does Passover hold?

A day when past sins / reproach are rolled away.
God speaks once again to His servant Joshua, but this time what is

Joshua 5: 13-15

God appears as the captain of the host of the Lord.

How do we know this is God?

Joshua 5: 14

Joshua bows down and worships and is not rebuked .

Joshua 5: 15

Joshua is given the same instruction that was given to Moses when he met with God .

Why not Captain of Israel?

Ex 32: 26
Joshua 24: 14-15
1 Kings 18: 21

The question is not is He with me , instead am I with Him .

Take Away

a. Jesus delivered me and rolled away my sin/reproach as my Passover Lamb.
b. God is leading His army to victory, am I in His host?