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Foundations - wk3 The Rooted Church
we're learning and leaning back into the foundation of the Church - to grow a Jesus culture and expand the calling Jesus gave to the movement known as The Church.
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    Sunday 5:00 PM

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We're so glad to have you tuning in with us tonight. We're continuing our series FOUNDATIONS. As we worship tonight, following the message, we'll be observing communion together from our homes. So prepare some elements for you and your family for our time to do that. We are also relaunching IN-PERSON services beginning on September 13th, so you can read all about that - click the link below:

Have you ever paid much attention to foundations? Maybe it was the foundation of your home or new building being built. Have you ever been to see the Redwood forrest? Roots are the foundations of trees.
The early church was a rooted church. It built it's foundation on 4 key things that we'll see tonight from this passage.

So the first mark of a Spirit-filled church is that it’s rooting itself in the Scriptures - it takes seriously the authority of the Scriptures and seeks to submit to it and obey it. To learn by them. To have God use them to train them up into maturity in Christ.
Second, a rooted church is a caring church....a loving church, a supportive gathering of Jesus followers, concerned for one another – living out the one another’s of Scripture.

Being a Jesus follower is not a Lone Ranger sport. We’re enfolded into God’s family. A family with diversity, yet UNITY. A family with different colors and creeds, but ONE Savior that unites us all!! We each have individuality and uniqueness, but we have the same equality and value!

(koinonia)-- It’s a word that describes a true connected group: having some people with whom you “do life” together. You laugh and weep and celebrate, and you share with them, serve them, give to them and receive from them. They devoted themselves to that. THE CONNECTED LIFE!
"There is nothing more unchristian than a solitary Christian."
-John Wesley
Third, a rooted church worships together.
Continuing in verse 42: “They devoted themselves to the breaking of the bread and the prayers.”

Worship mattered!! – their gatherings centered around aligning their hearts in adoration of Jesus, learning more about Him, His way of living life and encouraging one another, building one another up in Christ!
Fourthly, a rooted church is an evangelizing church.
The movement of Jesus (the Church) has always and forever been about a heart for those who are NOT HERE YET!!

The first 3 roots we’ve covered focus on the domestic life of the congregation: learning, worship, and fellowship. BUT, If that’s all a church possesses, it’s like an ingrown toenail—self regarding. What about the world outside?

Evangelism is the continuous outreach into the community seeking to bring people into Christ and his community, into the church family.
This is to be an ongoing pursuit of each follower of Christ.

Rescued people, rescue people.
Pray for 1. Who's your ONE?

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Have a blessed week everyone. We're right back here next Sunday at 5pm. We've got some Egroups going, And feel free to gather with your group or a couple families to 'watch' service together, have dinner, discuss and pray for one another. REMINDER: IN-PERSON services begin again on September 13th, 2020. Be here in person or watch online.