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It's a Song of Failure: The Denial

Matt 26:58, 69-75
Mark 14:54, 66-72
Luke 22:54b-62
John 18:15-18, 25-27

1. The palatial mansion of Annas the High Priest was the scene for the trial of Jesus and was 6500 sq. ft. in size. The whole building was two stories high with the usable living space almost twice as large.
2. Peter gained entrance into the courtyard because John knew the High Priest.
3. Peter stood by the fire then moved into the shadows which actually gave him an eye contact vision of Jesus.
4. No other private residence of this size has been excavated anywhere in Israel.
1. A servant girl identified Peter as one of the disciples, and Peter denied it!
2. A second servant girl identified Peter, and Peter denied it!
3.A relative of the man whose ear Peter had cut off, accused him of being one of them, and Peter denied it!
4. Peter wept bitterly over the reality of his denial.
C. Peter’s regret and restoration…
1. Peter was confident of his strength to stand with Jesus, no matter what!
2. Peter had caved into the pressure of the moment in spite of his determined resolve and previous declarations.
3. When Peter heard the rooster and Jesus looked into his eyes, he remembered his promises that were broken.
4. Jesus restored Peter because Peter was willing to move beyond his regrets.
“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are, ‘It might have been.’” John Greenleaf Whittier
1. Unhealthy regret is damaging when it holds us captive to self-blame and continual fruitless rumination.
2. Healthy regret has been labeled as the highest of negative emotions.
a. It helps to make sense of the world.
b. It helps avoid future negative behaviors.
c. It helps gain insight.
d. It helps achieve social harmony.
e. It helps improve our ability to approach desired opportunities.
*Neal Roese Northwestern University
3. So, re-evaluate the situation.
4. Confess any sin on your part.
5. Fix anything with others that belongs to you.
6. When past failures or regrets come, count them as temptations.
8. Focus toward the future and resolve to not let your future be controlled by your past!
1. When you fall…Jesus looks at us!
2. When you don’t live up to your promises…Jesus looks at us!

3. When you are determined to be strong and you are weak…Jesus looks at us!“
4. When you think you are more than…greater than…stronger than…you are…Jesus looks at us! There is no shame in His look!
5. He looks at us through the eyes of forgiveness…grace…mercy…and belief in us! He looks at us through His eyes and sees the blood of Jesus that covers our sin!

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