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Final Words Series - wk1
We all know that ‘final words’ hold a great deal of significance and meaning. We tend to lean in to friends and relatives as they share with us in those moments. As we move toward Easter – we remember the final words Jesus spoke from the Cross and what they show us about God’s heart for humanity. We will celebrate the wonder of the Easter Resurrection on Sunday April 1st, 2018 from the vantage point of these significant final words. They still speak to us today...
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    Domingo 5:00 PM

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You would never turn away from someone if there were dying and they wanted to literally say their last words, these words would hold weight, There is a realness, a starkness about someone’s final thoughts. This series leans into the last words Jesus utters from the Cross as we move toward Easter...
Most of us are VERY reluctant to forgive even the smallest of offense…..it seems that nowadays everybody is offended at something! But early on Jesus taught his followers how to pray and forgiveness was a big part of that. FORGIVENESS is what Followers of Jesus do. I do not find any exceptions in the BIBLE. *There are no verses with disclaimers.
GOD knew we were going to have problems with forgiving, one reason why He gave us the ULTIMATE EXAMPLE of his son on the cross. This is not up for debate. It is actually a command. THIS IS NOT saying we have to have warm fuzzy feelings to forgive - the Scripture says we are to forgive as an act of OBEDIENCE.
WHERE DO WE START? It has to start with the power of the Holy Spirit. It has to start with prayer.
-Asking God to help flush this out of your heart. Asking the Holy Spirit in prayer to get rid of the weeds of unforgiveness inside of us.
Forgiveness is not a one time event. Be ready to repeat the process.

-Look for the signs of forgiveness in your life: You don't alienate them. You stop seeking revenge. You can talk about the offense without pain. Sometimes you might even forget about it.
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