Miami Friends Church
Today, we’re going to look at this central purpose for the life of a Jesus follower of living as a new creation so that others may be reconciled to God.
Locations & Times
  • Miami Friends Church
    209 I St NE, Miami, OK 74354, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Changing the way we think requires us to let go of some things…prejudice, presumptions, and bias
“We must return to a biblical understanding of conversion as a supernatural work of the Spirit of God that will result in ongoing sanctification and the bearing of fruit.” @paulwasher
It’s tempting to think I make transformation happen, but it’s only by the grace of God that we experience any lasting change.
The purpose for becoming a new creation is because we are to be Christ’s ambassadors to the world.
-When we come to Christ, we are signing up to be transformed
-Transformation is not something we create, but something God does in us
-The purpose of our transformation, is so others can experience the grace of God through us