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Kings and Thrones Part 1: Be Careful What You Ask For
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Kings and Thrones
Part 1: Be Careful What You Ask For
By David M Schmaltz, Lead Pastor

Today we start our journey in a biblical study of what God is looking for in His people. The OT is full of wonderful character studies, and no section is more powerful than the study of the early Kings of Israel. The Bible teaches us that to fear God is the greatest and wisest choice that we can make. To obey God and have a passionate heart to serve him will produce life, peace and success. Because we tend to wander from God, these narratives of actual events will help us avoid the pitfalls of the saints that have gone before us. We have the chance to learn from their mistakes, embrace the truths, and grow in life-changing character. My goal is that by recounting these wonderful events, we will learn just what character is, and what it takes to get it.
1. The people want a king – don’t really care how or what he is like. “To be like the other nations.”
a. God sees it for what it really is – God’s people rejecting Him as their King.
b. 1 Samuel 8:7-8
c. God gives them a King. But the whole ordeal is based on a sinful attitude. God was going to eventually give them a King when they were ready. As was common to these “stiff-necked people” they were impatient.
2. Samuel chooses Saul the Benjamite.
a. Was this Samuel's choice or God's?
b. Saul is physically impressive, "a head taller than the others" no questions asked.
c. When he is ready to be introduced, Saul is found hiding among the luggage.
d. All seems to be OK, when after at least 25 years later, Saul continues to show his lack of understanding, his rashness in decision making.
3. God rejected Saul as King because of his disobedience.
a. Saul fully knows the protocol. His disobedience is inexcusable.
4. What we can learn from this story.
a. Taking the path of compromise will always carry the seed of struggle and even disaster. Even though Saul went on a King for 42 years, it was not a good Kingship.
b. God looks at the heart and not the outward appearance. Because of this, God was going to get it right the next time.
c. We the people, the followers, the admirers tend to make room for the Sauls. We need to guard our hearts. We should evaluate our “heroes” based on character. Wonderful people who have stumbled badly: pro golfer, Hollywood exec., worship leader, Mega Church pastor, famous entertainers, athletes, friends, and even family.
d. To obey is better than sacrifice. Character begins in the heart. No one can change a human heart but the heart holder (repentance) and God (mercy).
e. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Working against God and draws in the enemy.
f. Saul represents life without true conviction and ultimately the heart of the religious spirit.
g. What we will learn in contrasting Saul to the next king is that character and the fear of the Lord mean so much more to God than anointing.
h. Saul prophesied with the prophets; Saul lead the nation to victory; Saul attended the sacrifices; Saul took on the position of a God-fearing king; but in his heart he was far from being a true follower of the God of Israel.
5. Are you ready to Grow? Kick the heart of Saul out and prepare for the true heart of a warrior.

-Next week, we get to meet just who this warrior King is.

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