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Deeper Season 2 Episode 8: Crossing Jordan
Join us as Pastor Andrew Nugent continues Season 2 of Deeper. Deep study into the book of Joshua
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    Wednesday 7:30 PM
Deeper Theme: God's Principles of Progress
Question: What was God’s message to Joshua?

God’s message to Joshua was that He was going to exalt him in the sight of all Israel (Joshua 3:7)

Question: Who was this exaltation modeled after?

This exaltation was modeled after Moses .

Question: What are the steps for Crossing Jordan?

A. Priest take up the Ark and go ahead of the people. 2. The people
leave from camp and follow the Ark. (Joshua 3:3)

B. The priest are to get their feet wet and stand still. (Joshua 3:8, 15)

C. God preform His wonders (Joshua 3:13, 16)

D. The priests move to the middle of the Jordan, and stand firm (Joshua 3:17).

E. The people cross the Jordan.

Both men were established before the people because they were first established with God. Worldly honors often have no relation to character, whereas the outward honor that comes from God testifies to the presence of God’s character within.

The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, Volume 2
Take Away

• Unless we step out by faith (1:3) and “get our feet wet,” we’re not likely to make much progress in living for Christ and serving Him.

• When Israel crossed the Jordan River, it was not the obedient arm of a leader that brought the miracle but the obedient feet of the people. Unless we are willing to step out by faith and obey His Word, God can never open the way for us.

• We never stand still in the Christian life; we either move forward in faith or go backward in unbelief.