Plantation SDA Church
Deeper Season 2 Episode 7: Parting Ways
Join us as Pastor Andrew Nugent continues Season 2 of Deeper. Deep study into the book of Joshua
Locations & Times
  • Plantation SDA Church
    400 NW 118th Ave, Plantation, FL 33325, USA
    Wednesday 7:30 PM
Deeper Theme: God's Principles of Progress
Why does Joshua rise early?

Two possible reasons:

1. Joshua 1:8 For ______________

2. Joshua 5:35-15 The expression “rise early” can also indicate ______________ to undertake the task at hand.

Question: where are they now, where are they going, what will they do there, and what are they going to do?

What did the officers command the people to do?

How close were they to follow, and why?

What does Joshua ask of the people and why?

What does Joshua ask of the priests and why?

It was not normal for the ark to go AHEAD of the people.

Only once before had the ark of the covenant gone AHEAD of them.
Take Away

• (1.) God's people ____________ themselves
- (2.) God ____________ the way.
- (3.) God's people ____________ where He leads.
In a similar way [God] has promised to lead us. As Israel followed the ark, representative of divine justice and mercy, it is our privilege to follow on. At the end of the journey we will find “honour and immortality, eternal life” (Rom. 2:7- 8), and a ready welcome into the heavenly Canaan (Matt. 25:21, 34).