Sarnia EMC
Remembering Sears
Locations & Times
  • SEMC
    707 Talfourd St, Sarnia, ON N7T 1S1, Canada
    Sunday 10:30 AM
3 Ways to Not Become Like Sears:

1. ___________________ the mission, don’t love the model.
To live the mission we must position ourselves as those _____________ according to the inexhaustible grace of God.
2. Stay __________________ to the life of our community.
To stay connected to the life of a community we must be people ___________________ to be led by the abundant grace of God.
3. Embrace the blessing of _______________.
We must also be those who are ____________________, empowered by the grace of God, to the changing needs of a community.
Challenge for this week: What have I learned about God? What do I need to confess? What will I do now? If everyone else is as engaged in the Great Commission as I am, that is, helping others to become disciples of Jesus, then what does the future of the church look like?