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How a Lifelong Faith is Formed
Pastor Jeff Cheadle
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'Simeon's Moment' (detail) by Ron DiCianni. (2000)

The Text in Context

Bob Utley, "Luke 2" From the series Luke the Historian: The Gospel of Luke.

Jesus the Jew

An excellent overview of today's topic can be found at Jonathan Went, "Jesus the Jew"(1998) LeaderU. Read article…
3 Reasons For This Series
• Christianity is an historical religion; seeing Jesus in light of his Jewish upbringing, faith, and practice gives us a more accurate picture of him.
• Jesus' Jewish background clears up mysteries and offers new insights into scripture.
• Remembering Jesus' Judaism can help address the ignorance and misrepresentations that fuel antisemitism and the mistreatment of the Jewish people.

The Face of Jesus

Beautiful closing Morph Sequence from The Face: Jesus in Art (2001) YouTube video.

Rabbi Jesus Art Museum

A number of slide in this week's message were drawn from Artist Clara María Goldstein's Rabbi Jesus Art Museum website. The purpose of the Rabbi Jesus Art Museum is to embrace an aspect of Jesus very dear and important to him that many artists have often forgotten to honor: his Judaism. There are a number of galleries, each worth exploring.

"The White Crucifixion" Marc Chagall (1938). The Art Institute of Chicago.

Yeshua Hamashiach = Jesus the Christ

Jesus' Genealogy

"Genealogies were especially important to the Jewish people. Israel’s king had to be a Jew, and not a foreigner (Deuteronomy 17:15). Later on it was revealed that he must be a descendant of David (2 Samuel 7:14). When the Jews returned from the Babylonian captivity, it was important for these returned exiles to show that their roots were Jewish and could be traced through the genealogies…" Bob Deffinbaugh, "The Origins of Jesus Christ" from the series Studies in the Gospel of Matthew.
1. Rabbi Jesus' genealogy teaches…
1. Rabbi Jesus’ genealogy teaches us to see our story in light of God’s great story.
For Reflection/Discussion: Why is it important to remember that Jesus was raised in a Jewish home? How have depictions of Jesus in the visual arts highlighted or obscured his Judaism? What role do the genealogies in Matthew 1.1ff and Luke 3.21ff place Jesus' life in the context of the history of the Jewish people and their longing for a Messiah? Have you explored your family genealogy? If so, why? What did you learn? Who would you consider to be part of your spiritual genealogy? How did you come to faith in Christ? Consider biblical figures, important people in church history, and people who have influenced you directly.

The Circumcision of Jesus, Chartres Cathedral.

Depictions of Jesus' Circumcision in Art

Curated by Pastor Joelle Colville-Hanson on Pinterest.


R. Dennis Cole, "Circumcision" Holman Bible Dictionary, published by Broadman & Holman, 1991.


W. H. Bellinger Jr., "Purity-Purification" Holman Bible Dictionary, published by Broadman & Holman, 1991.

Redemption of the Firstborn

John J. Parsons, "Pidyon HaBen: Redemption of the Firstborn Son" Hebrew for Christians
2. Rabbi Jesus’ family demonstrates…
2. Rabbi Jesus’ family demonstrates how godly examples help form our faith.
For Reflection/Discussion: Who are some of the people who have had an influence on your faith? What are some of your earliest memories about God, Jesus, and church? In what ways did those who raised you influence your faith? What are some of the family rituals you grew up with that helped you learn about God or grow in faith? Whose faith have you nurtured or influenced? What are some ways we can leave a legacy of faith to our children, grandchildren, and generations to come?

Detail from "The 12-Year-Old Jesus in the Temple with the Scholars" Max Lieberman (1879)

3. Rabbi Jesus’ education shows…
3. Rabbi Jesus’ education shows us how to read, think about, and live out scripture.
For Reflection/Discussion: What evidence is there in the Gospels that Jesus studied, understood, memorized, loved, taught from, faithfully followed, and ultimately fulfilled the Hebrew scriptures? How would you characterize your knowledge and love of the Bible? Why is it important for followers of Jesus to study both the Old and New Testaments with other believers?

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