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Relationship Status wk1: Single
There is a tendency in every one of us to downplay the benefits of their stage in life and amplify the benefits of another or long to be in another season. But what if we’d allow God to lead us within the season we’re in and transform our character? Single. Dating. Engaged. Married. Each season has a calling upon our lives and God desires us to grow and leverage our lives right here, right now - no matter our relationship status.
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There is a tendency in every one of us to downplay the benefits of our current stage in life and amplify the benefits of another or long to be in another status season. But I believe that God has some incredible truths and growth for us in each season. (Single. Dating. Engaged. Married.)

Read about Steve Callahan

Several years ago a man by the name of Steve Callahan was lost at sea—after a terrible boating accident—in a little rubber raft for 76 days somewhere between Africa and the Caribbean. Though he was emaciated and dazed, he managed to take three pencils and lash them together to create—a navigational tool that allows you to use the horizon and the sun to get your bearings. Based on his application of these nautical realities, he was able to discern the latitude, catch the right current, and drift safely to toward the Caribbean. It was his understanding of fixed realities in the universe that helped him navigate his environment successfully. 

We want to give you fixed points to navigate by, so you can sail on with the confidence of knowing that whatever relational stage you are in, your life can be lived with an incredible sense of God given purpose. *truth: You DO NOT need romantic interest to discover life’s purpose. Your relationship with a guy or a girl, though important, is not the most critical relationship in your life, and it is not the relationship that God is the most concerned with. He wants your relationship with him to be the primary - because only He is the true source of life-giving love.
If you are disconnected from a source of life...You will be tempted to use people to try to get your sense of self, validated. You will, in a moment, become a sucker of life rather than a giver of life. And this is how toxic relationships are born. This is why so many relationship go wrong – we place all our needs for life on the other and they can’t meet those needs.
When we bring God-sized needs to human beings, they cannot possibly succeed.
READ John chapter 4.
What Jesus was saying to this woman was, “You have been looking for satisfaction for a deep soul thirst in the arms of a relationship with men and you cannot find it there. You have misdiagnosed your primary relational need.” IT’S only found in a relationship with your Creator - with Jesus first and foremost! When that relationship is right and healthy - all other relationships have a chance to be healthy! GOD declares that He alone is the true source of life.
And this was Paul’s point to us in 1 Corinthians. Life is short. Not just for us as individuals, but in all of history. Therefore, make your life count! We have a limited amount of time, make sure you’re leveraging your life, focusing on the things that matter most.
In our cultural context – an undivided devotion is becoming increasingly challenging. We live surrounded by so many things vying for our attention, affection and devotion. But Jesus has said from the start = pursue the kingdom of God above all! (Matthew 6:33)
JESUS is the one who loves you 1ST, loves you most and will love you the longest (eternally). HE DESERVES OUR PRIMARY DEVOTION. Human love can be very Significant, but human love can NEVER be Supreme.
Always remember: God loved you first and loves you most!
Jim Elliot Quote: (wrote to the young woman he loved while they were oceans apart) “Let not our longing slay our appetite for living.”
Focus on:
be the one who apprentices under His leadership – one who learns and grows in living more and more like Jesus modeled and calls us to live. With your time, your energy, your attention, your resources. Allow Him to do a refining of your character – deepening your growth in the Fruit of the Spirit
Focus on:
we were all designed, wired and created for relationships – but HEALTHY ones don’t just happen providentially or accidentally - they happen INTENTIONALLY. Leverage this season making significant progress towards health (not about perfection). If you’ve got unhealthy patterns in your life, never dealt with them, your singleness season is the best time to work on them, so they cause the least amount of damage carried into future relationships. In your single season – it’s a great time to intentionally work on YOU.
Truth: Seasons of waiting are the training grounds of BECOMING…
-Becoming the person God wants you to be.
-Becoming the person you’re looking for is looking for…
Waiting is not a punishment, it is a process. The only thing more difficult than waiting on God, is wishing that you had.
Don’t over-romanticize relationships. If you only think of the benefits but ignore the hardships then you’re setting yourself up. Singleness is NOT a disease and getting a relationship isn’t a cure, friend. There is nothing wrong with desiring a relationship with someone; but there is something wrong with idolizing it.
Wait for someone who loves Jesus more than they love you.
Pray NOW for the person you hope God blesses you with in the future.
Focus on becoming the person God will bless someone else with.
Grow your devotion to Jesus above anything and everyone.
Some of you have been given singleness for a season, and, in due time, this season will pass. Sooner, for some of you, a little later for others.
For some of you it will tarry for a while, but the God who has given you the gift of singleness will give you the grace to endure and thrive! Some of you will be like Augustine or Origen, or Mother Teresa, or the apostle Paul, or Jesus, and live your life unmarried.
Let me encourage you: an unmarried life is not an unfulfilled life.
Friend: for however long your single-season may last – make it count!
Undivided attention. RUN AFTER THE LORD… and as you’re running after Him, you might just find that God brings someone along side that’s also running after Him. And maybe then, you’ll find the gift (if God wills) – that you can run after God together.
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