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How To Know and Do God's Will
Pastor Jeff Cheadle
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The Text in Context

Ray C. Stedman, "Job: The Hardest Question" Peninsula Bible Church.
1. Trust in the wisdom of…
1. Trust in the wisdom of God's sovereign will.

William Blake, "The Lord Answering Job Out of the Whirlwind"

"If our quest is to penetrate the hidden aspects of [God's] will, then we have embarked on a fool's errand. We are trying the impossible and chasing the untouchable. Such a quest is not only an act of foolishness, but also an act of presumption." —R.C. Sproul, Can I Know God's Will? p. 31.
For Reflection/Discussion: On what foundation do people base their belief that the will of God is knowable? Are there parts of God's will that might be shrouded in mystery or hidden from us? Children often don't understand decisions that their parents make. Why? Is it possible that we may not understand God's will for similar reasons?

"The Ten Commandments" Jen Norton. Acrylic On Canvas.

2. Walk in the way of…
2. Walk in the way of God's revealed will.

The Threefold Division of the Law

Jonathan F. Bayes, "The Threefold Division of the Law" originally published in Reformation Today, Issue 177. The Christian Institute.

Do Christians Have To Obey the OT Law?

"Do Christians Have To Obey the Old Testament Laws?" Got Questions?
"We must keep in view His Word and leave alone His inscrutable will; for it is by His Word and not His inscrutable will that we must be guided." —Martin Luther
For Reflection/Discussion: Why is it necessary, if we are to understand God's will, that God reveal it to us? What, if anything, could we know about God apart from what God reveals to us? What has God revealed to us about Who He is? About His will? Why do we want to know more about God than God has chosen to make known to us? Where do we go to learn about what God has revealed to us? What are the three kinds of OT Law?Do Christians have to obey the Old Testament Law? All of it? Some of it? None of it?
3. Be alert to the leading of…
3. Be alert to the leading of God's special will.

Pro Tip: God's special will for your life will never contradict God's revealed will found in scripture.

Five Ways to Discern God's Special Will
1. The Bible (most reliable)
2. Conscience (what you know, not what you feel)
3. Commonsense (God never calls us to do stuff that's stupid)
4. Circumstances
5. The counsel of spiritually mature, emotionally healthy, good, and godly friends.

Discerning the Will of God

Kenneth Boa, "Discerning the Will of God"
Why would God reveal his special will to us if we willingly ignoring his revealed will to us?

8 Keys To Knowing God's Will For Your Life

Chris Russell, "8 Keys To Knowing God's Will For Your Life" Bible Study Tools,
For Reflection/Discussion: What means does God use to communicate his special will for our lives? Why is it so important to follow God's revealed will before we seek to know God's special will? Why is it important to understand that the voice of conscience is about what we know, not how we feel?
4. Give thanks for…
4. Give thanks for God's permission-giving will.

Party in Paradise

"God gave [them] the enjoyment of all of the luscious trees in the garden. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet smorgasbord. He says, 'Go for it! Enjoy My creation!' The Lord says the same thing today. You are free to do anything but sin… He is a good God. We have freedom in Christ." —Keith Krell, "Party in Paradise" From the series The Book of Beginnings: Genesis.

If You Want To Sing Out

"Well if you want to sing out, sing out/ And if you want to be free, be free/ 'Cause there's a million things to be/ You know that there are/ And if you want to live high, live high/ And if you want to live low, live low/ 'Cause there's a million ways to go/ You know that there are./ You can do what you want/ The opportunity's on/ And if you find a new way/ Well you can do it today…" —Cat Stevens, "If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out" YouTube video.
For Reflection/Discussion: How do you understand the meaning of God's permission-giving will? Why do some people imagine that God's will for our lives is limited to a single narrow option, rather than to any number of possibilities? What was God's will for Adam and Eve in Eden? How does God's will for them demonstrate God's permission-giving as well as God's protection of them?

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