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2.4.2018 | Operation: Andrew
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Weekly Bulletin
February 4, 2018

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.


9:00 am ~ Coffee & Donut Fellowship
9:30 am ~ Sunday School
10:30 am ~ Worship Service
10:30 am ~ R.O.C.K. Children’s Ministries
1:00 pm ~ Spanish Service

7:00 pm ~ Deacon Board Meeting

6:30 pm ~ FAMILY NIGHT

6:00 pm ~ Women’s Birthday Celebration


Women’s Spring Tour
Mark your calendars now for the Spring Tour. It will be held at Christian Life A/G on April 21. There is a sign up sheet on the Women’s table. Please sign up if you would like to join us.

Women of Purpose “Encouragement Sisters”
If you would like to be a part of this yearly program, where each lady is assigned another to encourage throughout the year with cards, small gifts on special days, etc. please complete the form on the women’s table in the upper foyer and return to Darlene Fearson or put it in her mailbox.

Women of Purpose Bible Study
The ladies will resume their study of Joyce Meyer’s “Battlefield of the Mind” on Monday, Feb. 26 at 7:00 pm. It will continue through Monday, Apr. 30. Please sign up if you would like to be part of this study.

Women of Purpose Birthday Celebration
Has been rescheduled for THIS Friday, Feb. 9 at 6:00 pm. Judy Landis will be our “guest” speaker for the evening. Even if you signed up before, we are asking that everyone sign up again so we are sure who is able to join us. Please sign up at the women’s table in the upper foyer.

Youth Spaghetti Fundraiser – Date Change!
Emerge Youth will be having their spaghetti lunch fundraiser on Sun. MARCH 11 immediately following the morning service. Please sign up if you are able to come and support our teens! If you are able to donate any food items, that would help in keeping our costs down. The youth will appreciate it! New this year, we are adding a dessert auction that day. If you’d like to donate a dessert to be auctioned off, please sign up in the foyer and write DESSERT next to your name.

Friends Day & New Life For Girls
Mark your calendars now! On Sun., Feb. 11 we will have a Friends Day! Invite your family and friends who do not regularly attend church. We will be having New Life for Girls ministering that morning! And, we have invited our Spanish service to join us as well! Immediately following the service, we will have a luncheon for all church body, New Life for Girls and our Friends. Please sign-up and let us know how many will attend (adults and children) and what you are able to donate. Cash donations are accepted as well.


Communion Cup Holder Adoption
We would like to be able to purchase some communion cup holders to place in each pew row. The goal is 3 holders per row. There are 18 rows so the total needed would be 54. The cost per holder is $17.00. We are asking if you would prayerfully consider “adopting” one or more holder. We will receive the offering on Sunday, March 11. Thank you for your help!

Membership & Water Baptism Classes
If you would like to be a voting member of our church or want to follow the Lord in water baptism, please visit the Information Center and take the appropriate form on the wall next to the counter, complete it and return it to Pastor Jeff. We will notify you of the scheduled classes.

Snow Cancellations
Should we have the need to cancel any of our services due to inclement weather, we will put that information on our Facebook page, our website, and the local TV stations WEBSITES [WGAL-CH 8, CBS 21, ABC 27, FOX 43, CW 15] If you would like to sign up for a TEXT on your cell phone that will indicate the status of our services, please fill out the blue & white card with your name and cell phone number. Please be sure to hand them into our Information Center and we will add you to our list.
Please note: The TV stations may not list this on their TV shows. It may only be available on their website. If you are in doubt, please call the church.

Please take time to review and pray for those on this list. Drop them a card or call to set up a time to visit. They will be blessed!

~ Helen S.
Prayer Needs
~ Rick C.
~ Robin H.
~ Les K.
~ Marian T.

Next Sunday is Friend Day! New Life For Girls will be ministering in the morning service. Invite someone to hear how God has changed their lives!

Last week...

Last week, Pastor Jeff talked about the consequences of David's son's sin.
Next week is our combined service.

We have asked our Spanish ministry to join us, and we have invited the New Life for Girls to be our special guests. We have also encouraged each of us to invite someone who you know to come that day.

Why did we do that?
1. We want to build a unity between our English service with those who attend our Spanish service.

2. The New Life for Girls ministry is a great testimony to the power of God.

3. If we invite people that have doubts about our faith, they will hear first-hand what God is capable of doing.
We constantly have to be thinking of ways to bring people with us.

LifeWay research tells us that 67% of people who don’t go to church would come if invited.

It may interest you to know that this is not new to God. This very method was used when Jesus walked the earth.
This was John the Baptist as he started his ministry. He hadn’t met Jesus physically yet, but had been preaching and was winning people to Christ.
John had been sharing his faith with whoever would listen. 2 of the men who heard his testimony believed.

They became part of John’s ministry. But that wasn’t John’s goal.

His goal was not to have his own followers, but to point people to Jesus.
It’s not about us, its not about our feelings, it’s not about what we may think about any given situation.

It’s about leading people to Jesus.
So these two guys, were no longer following a person, they followed Jesus. John was only too happy to have them leave his ministry to follow Jesus.

Because that is the goal of any teach people to follow Christ.
We first ask ourselves, what do we want if we follow Jesus.

People come to Jesus for many reasons.

In this time, some people were looking for a revolutionary, some were looking for the miracles, and some were looking for the Messiah.

The parable of the sower and the seed tells us that 3 out of 4 that come to Christ don’t stay for various reasons.

The main one being that they come to get something other than salvation.
They didn’t want a miracle, they didn’t ask to overthrow the government.

So they followed him and presumably were being taught.

What was the result of being with Jesus?
He is so excited that he can’t help but tell someone about it.

We don’t have one recorded sermon by Andrew and maybe he never preached one.

He was just an ordinary guy whose life was transformed and all he did was tell someone else about it and bring that person to Jesus.
Andrew knew Jesus for a few hours. Didn’t know much theology, wasn’t a preacher that we know of.

But he was a normal Christian doing what people who follow Jesus do...bring someone to Jesus.
We know that Jesus doesn’t live in this church. He lives in us. And we also know that people don’t have to be in church to be saved.

But the principle is the same. Bring someone to a place where they can experience or hear first-hand the word of God.
What happened when Simon met Jesus? His life was transformed.

When a person first come to know Jesus, the first thing that changes is their heart. They now have a desire to know more about God...a new attitude.

Their lives and actions change over time as they become mature believers.

They come to Jesus as they are, and He changes them over time.
Here we have Jesus reaching out personally to Phillip. There is no one anointed method of bringing people to Jesus.

But we do see a pattern, because what does Phillip do?
Like Andrew, he goes and tells someone else.

Everyone should have the desire to tell someone else.
You can be sure that you will face doubt and uncertainty. Maybe even rejection. The Bible tells us that we shouldn’t be surprised at that. In fact, we should expect it.
Phillip didn’t just give up on Nathaniel. We shouldn't just give up on others either.
Phillips words weren’t enough for Nathaniel.

Sometimes our words aren’t enough. Sometimes people have to see it for themselves.

People need to hear it for themselves.
Phillip had no idea of what Jesus would do or say.

He did his responsibility. He brought someone to Jesus and let Jesus do the rest.

Our job and responsibility is to bring them. God is going to do the rest.
So we have one week to pray about and invite someone to church next week.

But more than that, we have every week to pray about and invite others to hear about Jesus.

Thank you for joining us!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our website and follow us on social media @doverassembly! Have a great week!