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I'm Tired of Normal: Normal People Are Broke
No one every dreams of playing in the "Normal" Bowl... Grassroots Church in Pearland, Texas 77581.
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    2014 Broadway St, Pearland, TX 77581, USA
    Sunday 10:15 AM

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Innovative Mission Opportunities

Innovative Mission Opportunities exists to: Share Jesus with those who have never heard His name or the truth about who He is. Disciple new believers. Equip Pastors/Evangelists/Missionaries who work with those who have never heard.
Don't settle for Normal. Become something New.
Normal People are Broke
1. Envy - You know people so you have no peace.

What purchases have you made because of envy?
The fix to envy is not receiving what you want, it’s knowing what you already have.
You can’t really be thankful, without a God to thank.
Normal People are Broke
2. Slavery - We're slaves to stuff.

Are you a slave to MasterCard?
The key to freedom from slavery to stuff is...
a budget.

Let Math be your master, don't be a slave to stuff.

Financial Peace University

Is Financial Peace University right for you?
Hint: YES!
Normal People are Broke
3. Selfishness - We spend all our money on ourselves.

Take the Next Step

What's your next move today? A "grassroots" church is committed to growth and movement. How will you move toward growth today? Baptism - Group - Give - Serve - Partner. Follow the link below to take the next step.

Choose to Follow Christ

This is the best decision you'll ever make. Simply take a step of faith to choose to follow Jesus. Trust him with your life. And you'll begin living life to the fullest.
Then share your decision with us by following the Next Steps link below or simply TEXT "Forgiven" to 97000.

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Small groups are the way we partner with everyday people to help us live on mission everyday. Life is better in community.
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