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Deeper Season 2 Episode 2: Joshua - How can a loving God wage a holy war?
Join us as Pastor Andrew Nugents continues Season 2 of Deeper. Deep study into the book of Joshua
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Deeper Theme: If God is love then, then how can he participate and even command war? Sounds like another opportunity for us to go deeper in the word of God for answers.
How can a loving God wage a holy war?

1. How is God loving?
2. Who does God wage war against?
3. How does God wage war?
4. What changed?


How is God loving?

• 1 John 4: 8
• Romans 5: 8
• John 3:16
God is unconditional, selfless love.
Who was God waging war against?

• Genesis 3:15
• Ex 12:12
• Deut. 32:17 - 18
Demon Worship

Behind idolatry is demon worship.

The war that God has is with sin.
God will bring an end to all sin in His ultimate plan

Sometimes God has to step in earlier than that to address sin
"God does not have a fight [war] with humanity. God has a fight [war] with sin."

Dr. Barna Magyarosi
Limiting the effects of sin while honoring our freedom of choice as free moral agents.

• Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
• The Flood
• The Tower of Babel
• Sodom & Gomorrah
• 10 Plaques of Egypt
• Conquest of the Land of Canaan
How does God wage war?

•Against Egypt
•Ex. 14: 13,14, 25, 31
•After the Exodus
•Deut. 1:30
•Against the Canaanites
•Ex. 23:27,28
•Ex. 23:32,33
•Deut. 2:25
•Patriarchs & Prophets 392
•Other Examples:
•Gideon, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah
The Lord had never commanded them to “go up and fight.” It was not His purpose that they should gain the land by warfare, but by strict obedience to His commands.

Patriarchs & Prophets 392
What Changed? What happened to God’s original plan?

God is still fighting battles for anyone who is willing to trust and obey Him!