Camp Hy-Lake
SOC Fall Retreat
Tonight we're exploring the adventures of a man who wasn't luke-warm, but was instead red-hot in his faith! Join Topher Wiles as we explore a lot of New and Old Testament experiences.
Locations & Times
  • Central Church of Christ
    45 N Main St, Sparta, TN 38583, USA
    Friday 6:00 PM

Best Vomit Scene in History?

The Sandlot scene is better than the Exorcist, Brides-Maids, Stand By Me, and Pitch Perfect because it is so believable and avoidable!
What does faith-on-fire look like?
George Barna Poll
44% of adults make their moral choices based on desire.
Only 24% of people make their choices based upon Faith.
Newton's Laws of Motion
1. Object in motion will remain in motion – inertia
2. Force = Mass X Acceleration
3. Every Action Equal and Opposite Reaction

Law of the Pendulum
When you combine mass on a string, the first law of motion, and Newton’s law’s of gravity which states an object’s mass affects it’s gravitational attraction toward another object, you get a law which states that a pendulum will not travel higher than it's starting point unless acted uppon by an outside force.