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12.3.2017 | Life of David - Week 20
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December 3, 2017

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Our current Deacon Board members are
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We will vote to fill the position left opened by Mark Crumrine when he assumes Phil Stough’s unexpired term.

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Leon Conley, Dick Sweitzer, Judy Landis and their families would like to express their extreme gratitude and appreciation for all the well-wishes and condolences from all of you at Dover Assembly, and to the ladies who spent so much time and effort in making the church look beautiful and for the delicious luncheon they provided. We are truly blessed to be a part of such a great church.
Leon, Dick, Judy & Families

Dec 3 ~ Cookie Baking ~ R.O.C.K. Kids and Teens
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Note: No All Church Christmas Dinner this year.

~ Dick Sweitzer
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Last week...

Last week, Pastor Jeff talked about David's sin with Bathsheba.
Last week we discussed David’s sin with Bathsheba. We saw how David’s over confidence led him to plan this sin.

It didn’t just happen, David let his desires overtake him.
Notice the temptation isn’t even from the devil, it’s from his own evil nature.

There are three sources of temptation.


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So David gives into his own evil desires, violates what he Knows is God’s law and commits adultery.

When we begin to plan our sin, we run the danger of blowing off everything we believe or stand for at that moment.

Why? Because he convinced himself that he either wouldn’t get caught, he was the king and he deserved it, or he even may have thought that God placed her in this place for me.

Well, so much for not getting caught...Bathsheba sends word back to David.
These are the only word she speaks during this time but they are the 3 words that David did not want to hear.

David does get caught and now the wheels have to start turning in his head about how to get out of it. How can I not suffer the consequences?

He doesn’t admit that he was wrong, he just wants to cover it up and get out of trouble.

How many times have we acted the same way?
“Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay. ”

~ Ravi Zaccharias
Here we see the planning of yet another sin.
Remember how we said that sin is a process. It doesn’t just happen, but we take the time to plan our sin out.
Uriah is probably wondering why David called him there. The conversation began with small talk, but abruptly makes a turn...
Go get yourself cleaned up for your wife and then have some fun.

Uriah leaves probably still really confused about it all.
David really tries to sweeten the deal. He is setting him up for a real romantic night.

Leaving nothing to chance, he’s going to set the table and all Uriah has to do is show up and sleep with his wife.

Does this work?

Nah. Uriah basically disobeys David's orders.
Why would he do this? Maybe because that is what David said originally...
Uriah probably remembered David’s edict. And he was more noble than David.
No matter how smart we think we are in trying to outsmart God, nothing we plan, no matter how clever we think it is will ever really work.
Your sin will find you out.

Now David has to think of another one. Instead of coming clean and confessing and asking God for forgiveness, he doubles down on his lies.
Uriah was more noble when he was drunk than when David was sober. Even when alcohol weakened his defenses, he was still true to who he was-a soldier. That was his first calling.
David, since he did NOT go to battle, had first forgot who he was--a soldier and because he made that first step, the rest was becoming easier.
We have to remember who we are first. We are Christians and our first duty is to our Lord. All the pleasantries and blessings of this life are secondary.
Uriah was within his right to sleep with his wife, but his first duty was as a soldier.
If we forget who we are, if we forget who we were called to be, then sinning will become a lot easier.
We are first called to be Christians and everything after that should be done because we are Christians.
Now David is getting frantic. His great planning isn’t working. His smarts as a strategist and king are no match for God. Now he gets desperate.
When we sin, we become desperate in our attempts to not get caught or not suffer the consequences.
Think of all the times we tried to finagle our way out of things. Even to the point of doing worse sins that the original.
Abortion is a prime example. The sin of sex outside marriage, which is wrong by itself, but the desire to not deal with the consequences can lead to murder.
How desperate and wicked must you be to kill one of your friends and especially one of the men who is totally devoted to you.

That is what sin does to someone. It makes you totally corrupt.
If we let sin take a hold, it will eventually kill us.
Romans 8:13 - NASU
If you are living according to the flesh, you must die;

NIV says “you WILL die”
It wasn’t only Uriah who died. David’s order to put men in harms’ way caused not only Uriah to be killed but other men in David’s army.

His own men who did nothing wrong except follow the sinful orders of their king.
Again our sins cause pain to more than just us.
The position that Joab put these men in was one they had suffered from before. He knew that putting them there would result in their deaths because that same tactic was used before and men died. He knew he shouldn’t do that because he knew what the result would be.

But if you know Joab, he is no stranger to killing. He killed Abner and would later kill Amasa.

David was a sinner and he consulted with another sinner to finish his plan.
When we get caught in sin, we need to go to other believers for help, not the world. But our natural tendencies are to get help from people who are just as bad as we are because we don’t want to be told the truth by someone.
The cover-up is complete. Everything is finished and David doesn’t get caught. No one knows any better.

Even the death of his soldiers and friends has no effect on him. Because as we said last week, sin makes us selfish.

It is all about me and I don’t care about anyone else.
Encourage Joab? He just executed several innocent men and he needs encouragement?

It was David’s way of saying thanks Joab for taking care of my problem.

“What is done is done, we can’t go back. Innocents being killed couldn’t be helped. Keep on fighting Joab”
God didn't strike David down right then and there because He saw something in David that would be greater than his sin.

No matter how wicked and sinful we were or are right now, God’s grace is bigger than your sin.

And he sees what you will be, not what you are now or what you have done. We just have to come to him and ask for forgiveness and then receive it, knowing you are a new person and the old person is long gone and forgiven.
2) THE FLESH (or basically what our sinful nature desire)