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“Say Thank You”? - Are we truly thankful? (Colossians 3:15; John 6:5-13) A personal quiet time guide and family devotional guide based on the sermon, November 19, 2017
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This week we will be looking at thankfulness. Most of us growing up were taught to always say thank you whenever we received something from someone, whether it was a present, act of service, kind word, etc... However there is a big difference between being polite and acting thankful and actually being thankful. As Thanksgiving approaches this week let's look at what some of the differences are, and what scripture has to the say about being thankful.
As we reflect on Casey's sermon and examine our own lives, lets ask the question, are we truly thankful for what God has done in our lives? Or are we just being polite. And most importantly does it matter? Does it matter to God? Does it matter to us? I think we will find that it does. True thankfulness changes hearts, minds, and perspectives. Being polite changes nothing, in fact it can bring resentment and strife depending on the circumstances. Last but not least does God desire us to be thankful for His sake? Or for ours? Or both? This week as we approach Thanksgiving lets try to focus on things that we are legitimately thankful for. I think we will find it easier to be thankful in general if we start there. As always I will be praying for us all, Happy Thanksgiving!
● How do we let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts?
● What does the peace of Christ bring?
● What comes to mind when we discuss the peace of Christ?
● Have you ever felt like the peace of Christ was ruling over you?
● If so, did it bring true thankfulness?
● Spend some time with God today recalling His blessings in your life.
● How does Jesus model thankfulness in these passages?
● Do you think He was just being polite?
● Did He have enough to be thankful for to begin with?
● Do you think He was trying to manipulate God into doing what He wanted?
● Spend some time today being thankful for what you have, knowing God can make it enough.
● What kind of mindset is described here?
● If we are in a state of true thankfulness will it be hard to follow this?
● Have you ever been so thankful that it drove all other thoughts from your mind?
● How do we achieve this state of mind?
● Can it be done without practice?
● Spend some time with God today asking that He teach us to be truly thankful.
● How does showing gratitude glorify God?
● Would other people notice if we became truly grateful all of the time?
● Would your outlook on life be different if you were truly grateful?
● How grateful are we for the kingdom we have inherited?
● Spend some time today being thankful.
● Happy Thanksgiving!
● Why is thankfulness Gods will for you?
● On this Friday given to accumulating more for less, are we thankful for what we have?
● How would being thankful for what we have change your life?
● How can being thankful bring you through the bad times?
● Why should we keep alert in our prayers?
● How would thankfulness change your prayer life?
● Have you ever caught yourself asking for things you don't need?
● Can you imagine a life filled with thanksgiving?
● Does this appeal to you?
● If not, why not?
● What is the key to being anxious for nothing?
● How will thankfulness change your requests?
● What kind of petitions do you think you would have?
● How can we be thankful when things are bad?
● Spend some time today drawing near to the one who guards your heart.
The Lord bless you this week I pray you begin to experience true thanksgiving as you reflect on God and all that He has done! I pray that He blesses you with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness and peace!

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