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The Path to Patience
Pastor Jeff Cheadle
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See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop… (James 5:7)

Today's Text in Context

Bob Utley, James 5


Makrothumia (Greek μακροθυμὶα). "If in English we had an adjective 'long-tempered' as a counterpart to 'short-tempered,' then makrothymia could be called the quality of being 'long-tempered'." (F. F. Bruce) Read more…
• Patience…
• Patience lowers stress.

Patience and Health

Jane E. Brody, "Practicing Patience: A Virtue of Some Urgency" New York Times, July 8, 2003
• Patience…
• Patience reduces regret.

What could possibly go wrong?

Beware of Shortcuts

"It seems that Sarai’s intervention and Abram’s acquiesce may have delayed [God's] promise for some thirteen years. Shortcuts do not promote God’s purposes. Ishmael became the father of all the Arabic peoples who to this very day are hostile toward the natural born son, Isaac, who would become the father of the nation of Israel. In fact, the current crisis in the Middle East can be traced back to Abram’s decision to 'make things happen' by helping God fulfill His promise of a son." —Keith Krell, Beware of Shortcuts (Genesis 16:1-16) See full article…
• Patience…
• Patience works wonders in relationships.
What Happens When We Lack Patience?
“Can you imagine what would happen if you drained all the oil out of your car and then drove around for the day? Even though the parts of your car have been designed to fit together, they can’t fit perfectly. Without something to keep the parts from grating on each other, the engine would soon overheat, seize up, and stop working.” That’s what happens to marriages, families, friendships, offices, and classrooms when people lack patience. We start to grate on one another and it’s just a matter of time before things overheat. See Chris Evans, Fruit at Work: Mixing Christian Virtues With Business, p. 78.
1. Give…
1. Give thanks to God for his patience with me.
2. Accept…
2. Accept personal responsibility for my impatience.
3. Trust…
3. Trust God, God's plan, and God's perfect timing.
4. Pray…
4. Pray for more love– not more patience.

21 Bible Verses on Patience

From DailyVerses
Memory Verse/ Key Verse Proverbs 14.29
Whoever is patient has great understanding,
but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.
—Proverbs 14.29

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