Delhi Alliance Church
When sunlight shines through stained glass it is refracted, changed into bold colors. When viewed through our faith, traditions that seemed to be empty words can reveal deep truths. Join us as we look at three of these traditions in Changed.
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    16178 NY-28, Delhi, NY 13753, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Our flesh wants to boast:
We judge our actions or consider ourselves more worthy than another.
We continue to build ourselves up.
We continue to question the success of others.
We continue to consider our church name better than their church name.
Boast in our weakness:
Rather than building ourselves up, we should be emptying ourselves out.
Paul had reason to boast, more than anyone else. But he knew his abilities were nothing in comparison to the true power of Christ.
Faith goes deeper than life circumstances.
Paul's thorn in his flesh (we don't know what it was), his solution and ours is to pray. Seek God in every circumstance.
If you have not heard an answer to your prayer, you need to keep praying.

When God has answered that prayer, it's time to stop asking and start obeying.
We ask God to substitute our weakness for something great. God transforms rather than substitutes.