At the Movies: 6 Below Miracle on the Mountain
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    15601 E 24th Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99037, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
Life always brings us to a point where we have to choose between two paths. In the movie, 6 Below: Miracle of the Mountain, Eric Le Marque chooses the wrong path.

In his book he writes,
How did I get here? The answer was simple. I was addicted to powder. When I say “powder” you might be thinking cocaine, or maybe heroin. But what I’m talking about is even worse: methamphetamine—speed—one of the most dangerous and destructive drugs known to man.
Sometimes our detours can work in our favor and sometimes they can lead us directly into danger.

Simply put, we are encouraged to Walk in wisdom. Paul tells us to walk on the path that God has created for us.
It’s a path that keeps us focused on His purpose and plan for our lives.

“Proverbs reveals how we ought to live if we want to be successful and prudent, have a good family life, get along with our neighbors, be a responsible citizen, and in general find happiness”
When we take a detour from the path of wisdom, it can wreak havoc in our lives.

Let me show you what I mean.
Point number one: Detours can be dangerous
Point number two: Detours can drown you
Point 3: Detours can drain you.

Point 4: Detours can kill you
This is where I would die and, as the realization came to me, it was accompanied by a deep feeling of serenity and surrender. I was fading away and soon I would be gone, leaving behind all the suffering I had endured.
Hope and I have learned a lot in church. We’ve heard many messages and sang a host of praise and worship songs as we found ourselves becoming more and more a part of that family of believers. But had we heard every sermon and joined in every chorus until the end of time, it wouldn’t have made any difference until we decided to apply it all to our lives. I credit that decision to sheer desperation.
God created a path for us to walk. Our detours from God and His path for us can…
· Lead us into danger
· Drown us in sorrow
· Drain us of energy
· Kill our hopes, our dreams and our very lives.

Have you taken a detour from God? Is the path you are on leading you closer to God? If you have taken a detour, God will rescue you. Just ask Him to save you.

The path of God will always lead you home to Him.
He planned to rescue us before we knew we needed rescuing.