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Because of Deformation and Malformation, I Need Reformation!
Welcome! Our speaker today is Pastor Joseph Salajan
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Theme: Righteousness by faith is the solution against the abuse of power.

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A deformation is an abnormality caused by external forces; a malformation is an abnormality caused by internal forces. The Reformation came as a reaction against both!
1. Power.

Power is a dangerous thing! We often pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit… Do we know what we’re asking for? The Spirit comes with power…! What if the Spirit just gives power to someone who instead of allowing himself/herself to be used by the power would use and abuse that power?

Rightful power empowers the powerless. We are given Gospel/saving power! Not to out-power but to empower!
2. Position.

In the secular world, position means rank or status that gives you extra power. Some believe the same works in the church.

In Christ’s church there is no position in the sense of rank or status. If you think a church office is a position, you will tend to believe that when someone becomes a leader he/she got promoted… Spiritual leadership is not position, it is service!
3. Personality.

We often use personality as an excuse for abuse: it is my personality… Let me state this: being an abuser is not a matter of personality, it is a matter of pure-evil! And an abuse is an abuse no matter how charming your personality is.

In the Hebrew thinking faith is the same as faithfulness… In the Gospel of
Christ/God’s power, the righteousness of God is revealed from faithfulness to faithfulness…from His faithfulness into my faithfulness. His faithfulness to me gives birth to my faithfulness to Him! Modus operandi of God’s righteousness!
3. Personality.

We often use personality as an excuse for abuse: it is my personality… Let me state this: being an abuser is not a matter of personality, it is a matter of pure-evil! And an abuse is an abuse no matter how charming your personality is.

In the Hebrew thinking faith is the same as faithfulness… In the Gospel of
Christ/God’s power, the righteousness of God is revealed from faithfulness to faithfulness…from His faithfulness into my faithfulness. His faithfulness to me gives birth to my faithfulness to Him! Modus operandi of God’s righteousness!
Parents/teachers/church leaders: never ask for faithfulness without first being faithful! Please understand: When faithfulness is expected from someone without faithfulness being provided, that is an abuse of power, not righteousness.
Ministry of Giving
Offering Last Week: $3,346.75
Offering Month to Date: $3,346.75
2017 Offering Surplus (Deficit): $(4,535.77)
Service Order and Participants
Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Welcome: Barbara Samuels

Children’s Story: Anthonio Anderson

Pastor's Corner: Jack Rieder

Ministry in Action: Men’s Ministry

Offering Call: Rupert Brown

Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Intercessory Prayer: Joanna Rieder

Sermon: Pastor Joseph Salajan

Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Dedication in Song: Congregation

Benediction: Pastor Joseph Salajan

Afterglow: Praise Team & Congregation

Michaela Anderson

Visual Arts/ProPresenter
Fredy Schmiele

Bass Guitar



Praise Leader
Subrina Callwood
Swelenn Gomez

Bryanna Callwood
Ramonia Rochester

Maula Dunkley
Teena Nava

Mickie Cadet
Ryan Brown
Sunset Information
Today: 5:34 PM
Next Friday: 5:31 PM
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Proposed Ministry Leadership Changes (First Reading)

Administrative Director: Peta-Ann Anderson

Pathfinder Director: Navin Shivsawak

Assistant Director: Briana Anderson

Finance Ministry:

Assistant Treasurer: Dionne Bryon

Finance Committee Chair: Courtney Rivas

Finance Committee Assistant: LaToya Goodman
Proposed Ministry Staffing Changes (First Reading)

• Christopher Louine
• Lawrence Sinclair
• Joseph Nicolas
• Michael Nicolas (Pending membership transfer)
Upcoming Events
Nov 11 – Youth Church – SAS Gym

November 12 - 18 - Church Week of Prayer

Nov 12 – Mission Council Meeting

Nov 14 – Church Board Meeting

Nov 16 – SAS Regional Spelling Bee

Nov 18 – Baptisms

Nov 19 – Monthly Prayer Session

Nov 20-24 – SAS Thanksgiving Break

Nov 23-24 – Church Office Closed
Men’s Prayer session
The Planation Men's ministry host a prayer session immediately following second service. Come and join us as we pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!
Fall Week of Prayer - The Seven Pillars of Revelation
The week of prayer kicks off with today's sermon and will continue every night this week at 7:30PM. Each night we will be learning how the reformation impacts our lives today. As an added bonus, there will be a special speaker each night.

Rebuild to Restore Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Relief Drive
Our Hurricane Relief drive continues this week. Drop off your relief supplies when you come to church.
Sabbath Afternoon Bible Study
Join us at 5PM in the the youth room as we continue our study of Genesis. Everyone is welcome.

This Sabbath, our study will resume with Genesis 27:26
Monthly Prayer Summit
Come join us on the 3rd Sunday of each Month from 5:00AM to 10:00AM as we pray for healing, revival and reformation for our community and our nation. Let’s unite with one voice to cry out for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. For more information, contact Dion Walden or Angela Smith.
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Mom's In Touch International (MITI)
MITI meets to pray for the children and their schools on the first Sabbath afternoon of each month at 2:00 PM in the Mother’s Room. For more information, please contact Angela Smith
Help Needed! Parking Ministry
The Parking Ministry is looking for a few men and women who can dedicate one Sabbath a month to serve the church. If interested, please
contact Mozart Porcena or Michael Adden
MERGE: Young Adult Ministry
Young Adults are experiencing faith, friendship, and service.

Plantation’s Young Adult Ministry meets Saturdays at 10:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall.

For questions or more information email us at


call Lee

You can also download Celly app:

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• Oct 28 – Monthly Potluck
• Oct 28 – MercyMe Concert
Important Tax Announcement
Please make sure you legibly print your first and last names and address (including apartment number) on the tithe envelope every time you turn one in to keep our records current.

We have several families with the same last name, so if you want to have an accurate tithe report at the end of the year, please be specific regarding your name and address.

If we can't read your name or you don't give us an address, unfortunately, we can't provide you with a tax receipt.
Interested in Bible Study?
If you or someone you know would like to know God better and study for baptism, please contact Alex Graham.

Also, please come to the Baptismal Study Group at 10:40 on Sabbath morning and say hello!
Hope Ministry Needs You!
The Hope (Helping Oppressed People Everyday) Ministry makes life changing impacts in the lives of those without housing or shelter, the battered and abused and those in need of food.

But to continue to make this impact, we need

Monetary donations
Goods such toothbrushes, tooth-paste, and soap.

Please contact Jesse Guillaime at

and visit

to learn more about this ministry
Sick and Shut-ins
Enid Cawley

Paul Van Putten Sr

Mary Kopp

Jeremy Gayle is home after bicycle accident. His dad is Franz Gayle, father

Marvel Jones
Plantation Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs
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Pathfinders: Peta Ann Anderson

Adventurers: Dawn Williams

Email address:
Religious Liberty: Legal Problems on the job or at school?
Is your employer threatening to fire you if you don't work on Sabbath?
Is your employer refusing to give you Sabbath off?
Is your school requiring you to take a test on Sabbath?

If so, we can help! please email

to understand your legal options and/or get some help.

Please don’t quit your job before talking with us.
Looking for a job?
Are you looking for a job or considering switching jobs?

Does your business need employees?

If so, contact Jonathan Williams at

Brother's Keeper's Jobs is a jobs registry that helps match those in need of employement with those looking to employ workers.
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December 2, 2017


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Answer questions from our viewers
Pray with viewers
Report audio/video issues that viewers are experiencing to the media team
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Interested in joining our Church family?

Please fill out a membership application/transfer form, located in the literature rack in the church foyer. Then place it in the Church Clerk’s mailbox located in the Ministries Office.

Contact our Church Clerk, Melissa Mangual at

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for more information and the status of your transfer request. The average time for transfers to take place is:

Domestic – 3 months;

International – 4 to 5 months.
Children’s Baptismal Classes
The class meets from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM in the prayer room . All children ages 8-12 who are interested in being baptized are welcome to attend.

Contact Marina Westerdahl to get more information.
Volunteers Needed
• Hope Ministry
• Usher Ministry
• Deacon and Deaconess Ministries
• Worship Coordinators
• Children’s Sabbath School
• Pathfinders
• Parking Ministry
• People willing to do the welcome
• Children’s Story
• Offering Call
• Maintenance workers
• Family Life Ministry leader
• Visual Arts Media
• Media Ministry
• Social Media Ministry

Please contact the church office

954-473- 4991

if you are interested in helping with any of these positions.
Children's Ministry
Children’s Baptismal Classes have resumed - 10:30-11:30 AM in the Prayer
Room. All children ages 8-12 who are interested in being baptized are
welcome to attend.

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Church Office Hours
The office is open from

9:30 AM to 2:00PM Monday - Friday.

Please leave a voicemail or email message during all other hours.

Phone: 954-473-4991
Children's Choir
The Children's Choir practice has been suspended until further notice. This announcement will be updated when the status changes.
Nurse on Call
If you have a medical problem during Sabbath church service please contact Canute Anderson
Planned Giving
From the Development and Planned Giving Department:

Have you created an estate and legacy plan for you and your family’s future? Creating it is easy and free for members of the Florida Conference through the Florida Conference Association Development and Planned Giving Department.

Phone: 407-644- 5000, ext. 2241
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