Gospel Community Church
Nov. 5: Mark 12:28-34
Locations & Times
  • Gospel Community Church
    383 Fayette Pl, Fayetteville, GA 30214, United States
    domingo 9:30 AM
There's a common ache in the human soul: a nagging pain that always seems to be in the background.
The reason there is great pain in the human soul is because it is not connected to a clear and compelling purpose.
A clear and compelling purpose is the lighthouse in the storms of life.
May the words of Jesus disrupt chaos, confusion, and pain by pointing us to the clear and compelling purpose to love God and people.
The reason that so many of us are frustrated is because we have not defined success or have given it the wrong definition all together.
The truth is loving other people is hard and that's why loving God comes first.
Breaking the chains of self-devotion is the key to arriving at the clear and compelling purpose to love God and love people.
Reject the desire to make things more complicated than they need to be. Love God and love people.

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