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August 16, 2020: Final Benediction
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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Ephesians 6:21-24: The Final Benediction

I) Tychicus's job

A) He is church leader who ________________ with Paul to Jerusalem.

B) He was sent to ______ with the Ephesians about Paul’s situation.

C) He was also sent to strengthen and _______________ the local believers.

D) When we engage with other believers, it is wise to follow Tychicus’s ________________.

II) Paul's Benediction

A) P______________

1) We often think of peace as the _________ of conflict.

2) The Jewish concept of peace (shalom) is much deeper than this. It includes a ___________ relationship with God and others.

3) The reconciliation comes through trusting Christ _________ for our sins.

4) This peace with God __________ believers to find comfort in the midst of life’s storms.

B) L________________

1) This love of God is ________________.

2) This love comes through _______ in God the Father and Jesus.

3) Paul prayed that believers could understand the _____________ of this love practically in their lives (the spiritual ability to see all the ways God loves them).

C) G________________: God’s unmerited favor towards us.

D) Benedictions are ___________________ that we know will come true for all believers.

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