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We Are Family: Part 2
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Why do you think the New Testament writers use the term Brother so often?

Is it just a way to say fellow Christian, or does it have a bigger implication?
In the ancient family we see a patrilineal structure. (Relating to or based on relationship to the father or descent through the male line.)
The strongest interfamily bond in the ancient family was the sibling relationship.
Referring to someone as a sibling was a sign of endearment.
Through faith in Jesus, we are given a place in the bloodline of God.

You are your brother's Keeper.
LifeGroup Questions
Because information without application is useless.

1. Why is it important to know the Biblical context of the term brother/sister?

2. Describe the ancient family and the differences of the modern western family.

3. Why do you think God chose to use a sibling reference for believers?

4. How does this change your perspective towards other believers? What will you do differently?

5. Why are LifeGroups important for the reinforcing of the biblical model for family?