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Living the Dream
Pain is inevitable. Try as we might to avoid it, trouble and suffering are just part of life in this broken world. (Jesus himself said so – see John 16:33.) This harsh reality can make us anxious, discouraged, even hopeless. But what if there's another way? What if, in the midst of the struggle, we can experience hope? A kind of hope that isn't expected, can't be explained, transcends our circumstances, indeed defies all odds? That's what Peter, one of Jesus' closest followers, wants for his readers – he wants them, through Jesus, to find A Strange Kind of Hope.
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  • North Platte Berean Church
    202 W 8th St, North Platte, NE 69101, USA
    星期日 9:00 上午, 星期日 11:00 上午, 星期日 6:00 晚上
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Living the Dream

• What do we dream about?
• What is God’s dream?
• Which dream are we living?
Our dreams

4 common dreams:
• Power/success, approval, control, comfort
• These lead to malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander

A better dream:
• Grow up into salvation because we've tasted that the Lord is good
• This leads to putting away those evil behaviors and longing for the pure spiritual milk of the Word
God's dream

• a spiritual house
• a holy priesthood
• a chosen race
• a royal priesthood
• a holy nation
• a people for his own possession

• These lead to us being built together in community to proclaim his excellencies – especially his calling us out of darkness, isolation, and punishment into light, community, and mercy – to each other and others (both believers and unbelievers) through both our words and our actions
Which dream are we living?

• As we encounter alienation and opposition, the dream we truly treasure most is the dream we will live out