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Indestructible Kingdom - A Study in the Book of Daniel (Week 10)
Pastor Ben Miller
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    902 Winter Hill Rd, Strasburg, PA 17579, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Indestructible Kingdom - Unstoppable Love
Pastor Ben Miller . 8/09/2020 . Daniel 10:1-21

Series Vision: To live with undivided allegiance to the indestructible Kingdom of God.

Big Idea: In the cosmic conflict of human history, experience Christ's unstoppable glory and love through enduring prayer.
Enduring prayer...

1) Prompts desperate expectation for Christ. (v. 1-5a)

2) Prompts a glorious encounter with Christ. (v. 5-9)

Revelation 1:12–16, ESV
3) Prompts a loving encouragement from Christ (v. 10-21)

Ephesians 3:14–21, ESV

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Gospel Community (Small Groups)
Questions & Personal Applications

Apply 1: Reflect on your prayer life for a moment. Do you have endurance in prayer? On a short-term level, do your prayers express desperate expectation for God to work according to his will? On a long-term level, are you willing to cry out to God until you see him work?

Apply 2: When you pray, what helps you remember the glory of the one to whom you are praying?

Apply 3: Do you believe God loves you? How have you been encouraged by his love through reading the word and responding in prayer?

Indestructible Kingdom - Sunday Recording

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Indestructible Kingdom Bible Reading Plan

This summer (starting June 7), we will be digging into the book of Danielfrom beginning to end. Our prayer is that God, through his word, teachesus to live with undivided allegiance to the indestructible Kingdom of God.This reading plan will give you a window into the historical setting ofDaniel, the major themes, the contemporary Psalms of the day, as well ashelping you to understand how Jesus and the Apostle John applied thevisions of Daniel to the end times.


Daniel - Resources

Helpful Resources as we study through the book of Daniel


The Bible Knowledge Commentary

Helpful resource as we study through the book of Daniel