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Dear Younger Me :: Success Looks Different Than You Think
If you could speak to your younger self...What would you say? For seven weeks, ThornCreek Church will talk about what we would say to, “Dear Younger Me”. These messages will be filled with healing, grace, and truth.
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    Saturday 6:00 PM, Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
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We hope you experience God in a meaningful way at ThornCreek Church! All elements of ThornCreek are designed to help you discover God's love and purpose for your life. It's a great place for the spiritual seeker or the deep-rooted Christian.

We want to connect with you. Check out our site to find out what's happening and to find out more about the ministries at ThornCreek.
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Upcoming Events
Pajamas & Pancakes | Sat, Sep 30 7:30am
Don't worry about getting dressed! Roll out of bed and bring your family and come in your PJs to support Food For Hope! For $10, you will get a full breakfast including pancakes, egg, sausage, and your favorite breakfast beverages. Help Food for Hope reach local children in need while enjoying a delicious breakfast with your family at Applebee's 297 E 120th Ave Thornton, CO 80233.

Women’s Retreat | Thu-Sat, Oct 5-7
Are you tired of relying on your own strength? Come be a part of a renewing & encouraging weekend as we learn what it means to be "UPHELD" by Him. We will be hearing from speaker Michelle Carvell. There will also be a variety of activities for you to participate in. Sign up today! We encourage you to bring your teenage daughters to join in this time of renewal and learning. Teens must be accompanied by an adult and must be 16 years of age or older.

TCS Sporting Clay Fundraiser | Sat, Oct 21
Come out and support ThornCreek Christian School by proving just how great of a shot you really are. This is a 100-Clay Shoot (Teams of 4 Contest) with 24 stations. Prizes for the best team and best overall shooter. Cost is $80 per shooter/ $250 per foursome (limited gun rentals $20 each/ Golf Carts $20/ Mulligans $10). There will be a silent auction and lunch immediately after the event! Bring cash for snacks, drinks, and mulligans on the course!

Check out more at
TC Kids
ThornCreek Children’s Ministry strives to partner with families to raise children in the way of Jesus. It’s our goal for children to be transformed by the love of God, to grow in their walk with God, surrender their lives to God, and be a light in the world for others to know God in the same way.

Our curriculum takes the kids through the Bible in a year and they are invited into The Big God Story to experience it and discover who God is and how they fit into His plan!

We believe that parents have a huge impact on the faith of their children! Every Monday, parents are emailed a Family Bible Study that you can do throughout the week with your kids. We also have a repeating 6-week Spiritual Parenting small group that you can be a part of to learn more about raising your children to know God!

We have classes available each weekend for Infants through 6th grade. All volunteers have passed background checks and we have security procedures in place to create a safe environment for your kids.
TC Teens
TC Teens Ministry’s mission is to create a safe place for teenagers to encounter Jesus, to ask questions, and to experience the Love God has for them, while ultimately integrating them into the body and mission of Christ.

Youth Group | Thursdays 6:30pm-8pm @ Mountain States Baptist
Soul Fuel | Sundays 9:30am @ Prairie Hills Elementary School
Worship Service Info
Did you come with kids? | The teaching time in our Worship Center is designed for adults (Middle School and older). Children, 6th grade and younger, will be much more comfortable in our TC Kids Ministry which is designed just for them! There, your child will engage in age-appropriate teaching, games, music and more. You can check your child in for a TC Kids Ministry classroom at the check-in table located in the Lobby. If needed, the Lobby becomes our Cry Room for parents with infants during service. If you have further questions, please stop by the TC Kids Ministry check-in table in the Lobby today.

Volume | If you find the music too loud, please visit the Welcome Table for ear plugs. Ear plugs are also available at the Worship Center doors.

Prayer Requests | Prayer requests can be submitted via The TC Prayer Team would love to pray for your requests during the week. There are also TC Prayer Team members available to pray with you after service at the front of the Worship Center.

Distractions | To allow you and those around you to be more fully engaged in today’s service, please refrain from leaving the Worship Center during service. Also, please turn off or mute all cell phones and other mobile devices. Please use the Lobby area for any necessary conversations.
Success in God’s eyes is not about how much you can do on your own. It’s about how little you can do without God’s Son.
It’s not about climbing. It’s about remaining.
“We have traded effectiveness for busyness.” - T.D. Jakes
“Being hurried is a problem of the soul.” - John Ortberg
Susan Porter
“I recall helping Brenda to her car when we were assisting at Abundant Life Christian Church. She was going there daily to get provisions for herself, her parents and her sister's family. Although she was tired and dealing with her own health issues, she still made the daily trip to get water, food, etc to help those around her.”
You can always tell who a person is, by the type of fruit they’re producing in their life.

Maddy Hardy
To be honest, it was very heart wrenching to see everything these people have worked for be destroyed and disappear in the blink of an eye. I've been told before that I can be unappreciative for what I have, and I never fully understood what that meant until I started taking parts of walls off this house and seeing cabinets being ripped off the ceiling and thrown into the bed of a truck to be thrown in the dump.
Chris Hines
I felt like I was on a mission from God, what other reason would someone travel 1050 miles to clean up possible toxic materials free of charge.

When your heart is driven by God, a thousand miles and toxic waste is a footnote.
Doug Heersink
I felt led to go to Houston when listening to Pastor Ruben's message on Saturday. I told my wife Wendy I should go. Then I started having second thoughts about money and missing work and the sales that would cost me. Finally I decided that I would ask my manager for the time off and if he granted it I would go. He was glad to OK the time off. I got my sales report for the week on the Saturday we were leaving to come back home and I had finished the week with the top sales. This past week has also been very good and has made up for the week I was gone. God truly is good.
Abby Cesena
“Jackie was an older women with only her granddaughter as family. She had beautiful furniture handed down through her family and was not ready to let go. She was very overwhelmed...We told her how mold is dangerous and that we would help move anything and everything she wanted but she just wasn't ready…”

Jackie Morgan (74 yr old single resident of Dickinson, TX):
“Y’all have been such a God-send…I’ve been truly blessed that y’all found me. I was close to giving up, but I know God has a good plan and I need to follow it. I can’t believe how my world is changing so quickly from gloom to bloom! Thank you for being involved with my problems. I was beginning to feel like my productive time was slowing down. Now, I know there’s still Hope and Grace.God Bless Y’all!”
Rachel McCall
“The first home we saw was two stories and was right off the bayou, it had to be completely gutted-everything was ruined, every piece of drywall and flooring had to be removed. For me it was a powerful reminder that everything we own can be lost in a moment and to focus more on building relationships and to store my treasures in heaven."
God is more focused on what’s happening inside of you than what’s outside of you.
Andy Fish
“While in Houston we helped a few families begin the process of rebuilding their lives. I was asked by an elderly lady if we were coming back to continue the restoration process. That was a difficult question to answer especially when seeing the desperation in her eyes.”

Amanda Dynneson
"This trip to serve others in Houston has been a blessing in my life in that it created within me a larger awareness of how God showers His unconditional love for me thru His church – the body of Christ."
Heather Wehner
When I signed up to go to Houston, I thought I was going to help the people impacted by Hurricane Harvey. I have always had a compassionate heart and love to help others. However, God had a different plan for me. Every day, we worked hard....hauling furniture out of the truck, tearing down walls, moving mold covered clothing, ripping up floors. In the midst of it all, God was working on my heart. It was so appropriate when Pastor Ruben had a devotion on one of the mornings. We had to get up earlier than we thought and quite honestly, I was a little grumpy about that. But I am so thankful for how God spoke through my pastor. He talked about how The Book of Leviticus, in the Old Testament, talks about things being clean and unclean. And how God seemed so nitpicky about things being clean. But how God wants purity in our hearts. And how when we are cleaning out these houses, it's symbolic of what God wants to do in our hearts.I have had some hard things happen in my life and people have let me down. Christian people. And I have made the mistake of associating them with my God. When I was in Houston, my precious Savior spoke to me and told me that he loves me and he wants my heart. I can trust Him and I can forgive those who have hurt me and I can open my heart to other relationships.The physical exertion we experienced was spiritual for me. God was there in the midst of it all. In all of the need surrounding me, my God was talking to ME!! He told me that he loves me and that he misses me. that I can trust Him and that HE is good! What I did in Houston had a small impact on the people there, but God worked on my heart in Houston and that is why I believe he called me to go.

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