CrossWay Church
September 17: Facing Adversity
Locations & Times
  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Acts 24:1 - 25:12 (906 & 1734) False Accusations

I) The Biblical Story

A) Paul’s trial before ________________.

1) Tertullus’ ______________ against Paul.

a) False _______________ to Felix.

b) False ______________________. Paul is supposedly stirring up riots and decorating the temple.

c) He also _______________ Paul’s faith in Jesus of Nazareth.

2) Paul’s response:
a) Paul sticks to the _______________.

b) Paul ____________________ the false charges.

1) He did not _______________ with anyone. It was the Asian Jews who stirred up the crowd.

2) He came to help the poor and was ceremonially clean when he entered the temple.

c) Paul acknowledges his _____________ that Jesus is the promised Jewish Messiah.

B) Felix ________________ Paul to appease the Jews and try to a bribe from Paul.

C) Unfortunately, _____________ continues Felix’s unjust ways.

D) Paul _________________ to Caesar to got to Rome and avoid going to Jerusalem.

II) How does passage apply to us today?

A) People will bring false __________________ against Christians.

1) Christians shouldn’t be _______________ when this happens..

2) If you aren’t a Christian, you shouldn’t believe ___________ others say about believers.

B) Christians can overcome this with the same ___________ as Paul.

1) Live with ____________________.

2) Speak the _____________ against false charges and injustice.

3) Don’t be afraid to claim ______________ protections.

4) Patiently _________________ God’s plan