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FOCUS - wk1 Invite
The mission of our church is 'inviting people into a life-giving and life-changing relationship with Jesus' and it's the driving heartbeat of everything we do. We want to pursue it within a culture that lives out some key passions: Inviting, Connecting, Serving and everyone invested ALL IN to see people take first steps and next steps of faith.
Locations & Times
  • Elements City Church
    1825 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA
    Sunday 5:00 PM

Thanks for joining us...

Thanks for being with us, we pray that tonight would be encouraging for your week ahead. If you're a guest here with us, we invite you to fill out our communication card at the Next Steps table in the hallway after service, we'd love to meet you and we have a free gift for you. Click the link below to see THE WEEKLY - our digital announcements/info for all things happening in and around Elements...

Tonight we begin our series: FOCUS ...looking at the mission of our church and the heart of our culture we want to have as we live it out. We want to be a people who are always INVITING people into first steps and next steps of faith and life with us.
Our Mission:
"inviting people into a life-giving and life-changing relationship with Jesus"
What we care about – we share about
*new technology, new restaurants, new exercise tips, recipes, -- sharing is natural. You’ve heard the adage that ‘sharing is caring.’ Sharing might ultimately be motivated by how we came to possess the item, experience or benefit we’ve acquired. Did we earn it ourselves or was it a gift we stumbled upon?
As recipients of God’s Good News we’re the benefactors of an awesome treasure! We stumbled into a GREAT treasure and this life-giving eternal gift! It’s a treasure that we could keep to ourselves, but should we? NO, the gospel is a gift that is meant to be shared…Inviting others to experience what we’ve found.
The gospel is the Good News that we couldn’t help ourselves – but Jesus stepped up and stepped in to help us! He paved a way to an immeasurable treasure for us to enjoy - life with God - not via our effort, but by His provision.
Bottom Line:
Good News People don’t STOCKPILE – we SHARE. We INVITE because it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Good News people, don’t keep the Good News to themselves, they invite others to it.
Everywhere we go – we’re looking for the opportunity to INVITE others toward Jesus, towards him and how he’s changing our lives...and how He can change theirs.
Why does Inviting matter? *Because People Matter to God
Need Prayer? ....we've got some of our prayer team and pastors available following service to pray with you. Or you can text the word "prayer" to our phone number: #520-300-9001 to submit your prayer request to our prayer team to partner with you.

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Thanks for being with us...

Thanks for being here tonight - stop by the Next Steps table for info on all things happening in and around Elements. If you're a guest with us, we've got a FREE gift for you as you stop by. Check out the WEEKLY online for answers to other questions or information. Join us next week as we celebrate with a WORSHIP NIGHT filled with different elements of Scripture, Prayer, Dance, Song, Giving, Communion and more...