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We’re sojourners here - at home, but not at home. We have a high view of life, and sex, and marriage. We’re honest in our dealings with others. We don’t perform libations to some pagan god or cult, but we love those who do. We endure insults and rudeness. We’re generous with what we have. We care for sick people regardless of their race. Christ is Lord. We are Christians and we'll be unpacking what all of this means in this new series - SENT. Welcome to Stones Hill Community Church and Online Notes!
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  • Stone's Hill Community Church - Ligonier Main Campus
    151 W Stones Hill Rd, Ligonier, IN 46767, USA
    Saturday 2:00 PM
We welcome you to Stone's Hill today!

A typical Stone's Hill service has music (feel free to sing out); some announcements (things that are upcoming that you can be a part of); a message out of the Bible (God speaks to us through his Word); and an opportunity for you to respond to the message (either immediately in the case of a decision that needs to be made OR in the future as you live out the message in your life.)

So relax and enjoy your morning! We're so glad you are here!
Despite what we are seeing in the culture, revolution is NOT the answer. It’s revelation. It’s understanding what our gods are, what is behind our idolatry, and how Jesus corrects our faulty view of God and shows us His beauty instead.

Question then? How do you move people from revolution to revelation? Relationship. Paul builds a bridge so Jesus can eventually walk over it into your life.
In Acts 17, Paul takes the Athenians through the whole Bible: creation, resurrection, judgment, but he never quotes it. While doing so, he addresses two things:
A Common Fear – God Isn’t Good (but Paul Says He is)
Our Common Groping’s – Invalid Approaches to God (Paul said to Stop Searching)
You could say we are defined by our searches. What does your data trail say about you? Where does the search you are on lead?

We have disordered loves. It’s called idolatry. It’s not some crude statue in a distant country. It’s a sophisticated approach to justify my gods.

What disappoints you (disproportionate disappointment)?
What do you complain about the most (its what really matters)?
Where do you make financial sacrifices (where does your money go)?
What worries you (your job, you health)?
Where is your sanctuary (where do you go when you’re in - HALTSD)?
What infuriates you (makes you crazy)?
What are your dreams (to give God glory)
Set aside God’s competition, set your affection on Him, and see what happens.

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