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Religion & Politics - THE (NOT SO) U.S.A (5)
Pastor Kile Baker August 2, 2020
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History Moments: Political Mascots: The Donkey & The Elephant
Series Focus: How to be UNITED when we don't agree.
Key Question: Have we created a version of our faith that supports our political views?
Think About It: Jesus didn't fit inside the realms of religion and politics: The TEMPLE didn't want Him as Messiah and the Empire the didn't want Him as KING.
Key Truth #1: The greatest political tool is FEAR...
Key Truth #2: ...And our greatest fear is LOSS.
Uniting Truth: We must never put the DONKEY or the ELEPHANT before the LAMB.
Discussion Questions
1. From the Sermon: It’s amazing all of the things you read that Jesus ‘would be for’: republican/democrat; socialist/capitalist; less government/more government; pro-life/pro-choice; conqueror/meek protester.
a. What have you heard before? What have people tried to convince you that Jesus would be “for”?
b. On the flip-side: what’s one topic that you would like to ask Jesus his opinion on? “What side would you be for Jesus?”

2. Key Truth #1: The greatest political tool is FEAR
a. Do you agree with this Key Truth? Why or Why not?
b. Have you ever succumbed to the "fear-tactics" that politicians use? When and how?

3. Key Truth #2: ...And our greatest fear is LOSS. We vote based on who and what will help us keep what we don’t want to lose. And we’ll accept things along the way that we wouldn’t under normal circumstances from our party, from our candidates and from our elected officials as long as we get to keep what we want.)
a. Do you agree with this key truth? Why or why not?
b. Do you think your political views have been driven by the fear of Loss? When and How?

4. Concerning Fear & Loss -- how do the two key truths stated above fit with what Christ taught? What has Christ taught us about FEAR and LOSS? How should we view and deal with FEAR and LOSS? Is there a better way to make political decisions than through the lens of FEAR and LOSS?

5. When our politics are motivated by fear and loss, or if anything for that matter is primarily motivated or impacted by fear and loss, we will create a version of our faith, our beliefs, our God that minimizes those two.
a. This is a huge point. What do you think is meant by this statement?
b. How can you tell if you are moving from a point where your faith is based on God’s Truth to a place where you are creating your own version of faith?
c. How can you safeguard yourself from that?

6. But what if we don’t have anything to fear, because what we needed to lose was already taken?
a. If this is true -- that when we accept Christ’s sacrifice, he takes our sin away and secures an eternal inheritance and future for us--then why and how do so many of us begin to let FEAR and LOSS influence us again?

7. Uniting Truth: We must never put the DONKEY or the ELEPHANT before the LAMB. Read Revelation 22:1-5. How do these verses inspire confidence and hope? How do these words help us frame our situation in the here and now?

8. What do you want to do with this series? Will it affect how you approach the political scene this autumn?

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