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Have you ever noticed that perception and reality don’t always coincide with one another?
Anger is defined as: What is felt when something needed is taken from you.
How we choose to deal with the anger in our lives will ultimately determine how we perceive our current circumstances.
Fear can be defined this way:

When we get stuck in a pattern of fear, our thoughts begin to move in a negative direction. There are 4 basic thought patters that exist when we get stuck in a cycle of fear:
1. The Critic
2. The Worrier
3. The Victim
4. The Perfectionist
So how do you and I break out of the fear cycle and back onto the path that God has for us?
We need to make a shift in our thinking!
“Some of us are just sitting in the car waiting for the car to shift, and it ain’t shifting… and God is saying put your hand on the shifter, and try the clutch and the gas and go. And yeah you might stall the whole thing out, but crank it up again because I want you to go to another level.” ~ Louie Giglio
How do we renew our minds and allow God to change the way we think from the worlds view to God’s view?

1. We have to understand that God is in control
2. We have to be aware of our thoughts
3. We have to replace fear with wisdom and truth