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Liberation from Prejudice
God in the Holy Spirit has a powerful way to change our thinking and actions. The Spirit transforms our long held attitudes and actions to be conformed to the likeness of God. This was an important aspect of the beginnings of the church and remains a key part of the mission of God. This week we will witness the way God leads people to reach out to others not like them through the power of the Holy Spirit.
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  • Puyallup Nazarene Church
    1026 7th Ave SW, Puyallup, WA 98371, USA
    Saturday 5:30 PM
God is a communicating, speaking, presently working God, inviting us and involving us for breakthroughs of his love into the people around us.
The story of breakthrough: The Holy Spirit, Cornelius and Peter.
What is the Spirit saying to the church? We have a lot to learn and it is a good time to be humble.
What is the Spirit saying to the church? Only when the followers of Jesus get serious about Jesus will the world have a demonstration of God's vision for his creation.
What is the Spirit saying to the church? And this…breakthrough is in answer to prayer and responsive love!
Expect to have to explain yourself. Acts 11
Discussion and Application Questions for Group Life Communities
We invite you to use the following questions as you dig deeper into this story from Acts.

Read Acts 10: 1-48

What is the most memorable church services you have attended? What made it memorable?

Observation (be curious, imagine yourself in the story)

-What stands out to you in the telling of the story?

-In what ways did God encounter the characters of the story?

-What did the vision to Peter include? Was it more about people or food? (9-16)

-What did Peter’s speech tell you about Jesus? (v 34-43)

-What amazed Peter’s entourage as they witnessed the movement of God among the new believers? (v 44-48)

Interpretation (uncover the 'why' behind the story, why are certain details included?)

-Why does the idea of profane and clean come up in the story?

-Why does God use a vision to communicate with Cornelius and Peter?

-Why is the dream repeated three times?

-How is the experience of speaking in tongues similar or different from the experience in Acts 2? Why is this significant to Peter and his group?

Application (connect the message to your personal life. What is God trying to say to me through this passage?)

-Has God ever asked you to do something or say something that goes against your standard religious practice? How might God stretch you outside your comfort zone?

-How has God directed you to change your mind about a person or a point of view?

-Who do you know that needs to hear the refreshing message of Jesus this week?

Next Week's Study: Acts 16. "Breaking Free". Please join us for worship on Saturday at 6 and Sunday at 9 and 10:45. Livestream online on Sundays at 9 and 10:45.

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