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A Holy Heart: Better Than You
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Why is holiness so difficult to consistently maintain?
Sin in your life is does not negate holiness, It’s your acceptance of it that corrupts your holiness.
Holiness is the arch that spans two fundamental pillars.

The pillar of Spirituality – meditation, prayer, worship, the giving of glory to God, implementation of God’s grace.

The pillar of Ethics – replication of God’s standard, determining God’s revealed will, displaying God’s image in your life.

Without one or both of these, holiness collapses.
Another pervasive roadblock to consistent holiness is “Cultural Holiness.”
We are full of pride when we can exceed the cultural norms even when we fall short of what God requires of us.
“Big” sin motivates us towards repentance; it’s the “little” ones that we are ok with that frustrate our work towards holiness.
LifeGroup Questions
Because information without application is useless.

1. What sin have you normalized in your life?

2. The two pillars that holiness rests upon (Spirituality, Ethics) must be present, but some may only use one of these. What are the implications of only having one pillar to build a holy life upon?

3. Why do we tend to measure personal holiness with those around us? What should we measure against?