United Presbyterian Church, Sterling KS
Worship August 6, 2017
Sunday Morning Worship Celebration
Locations & Times
  • United Presbyterian Church, Sterling KS
    309 N Broadway Ave, Sterling, KS 67579, USA
    Sondag 10:45 VM

How to feed 20,000 people in one sitting

"Karsten Gottschalk. He's the executive chef at the Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel in Abu Dhabi, and it's his busiest time of year. Gottschalk's job during Ramadan is to feed at least 20,000 people every day....The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque commissions Gottschalk's kitchen to prepare meals for people to break their fast at the mosque. Gottschalk leads a 500-strong team in the kitchen, and cooking starts at 6 a.m. During the working day, 7,000 kilos of vegetables are peeled and diced, 5,000 kilos of rice boiled in vast pots and 10,000 chickens cut in two and roasted."

Why is this miracle the one that all four writers made sure to tell?
Because it shows us something important about the nature of our generous, faithful, loving God:
He longs to bless us. The more we are participants in that blessing, the more we are blessed.
Show up, come hungry, come expecting to see God at work.
The disciples couldn't see any way in which this little bit of food would feed 20,000 people. Maybe they forgot who they were with?
Where are you seeing a situation, and noticing a need? Maybe you're saying, “Somebody needs to do something about that.”
If we will show up, and if we will come hungry and with expectation for God to be present and to help us do whatever he’s given us the vision to do, who knows what might happen?
What do you have?
How might it be the blessing someone else needs?
What’s in your basket?
Installation Today
Today August 6 at 4pm
Join us as we officially install Pastor Melissa
Worship will last an hour
Reception following
Childcare provided

If you would like to help by bringing food for the reception, talk to Georgia Vogt or Christian Dashiell
Leadership Lunches for Sterling College RAs
We're providing lunch on Thursday August 10 at the college for 65 RA's who are here for leadership training. The churches are each helping out with one day's lunch. The on-campus food service provider takes care of their breakfast and dinner.
If you can help, contact Diane DeFranco-Kling