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Taking Advantage of Friendship: Pushing a Little Too Hard – Mrs. Zebedee

Salome = INFP
INFP – Sensitive, creative, idealistic, perceptive, caring, loyal. Value inner harmony and personal growth, focus on dreams and possibilities.
To increase energy, those who…
Turn to others are an E (extroversion) Turn inward are I (introversion)
Those who take in information in a…
Creative way are an N (intuition) Pragmatic way are S (sensing)
When making decisions, those who…
Seek harmony are an F (feeling) Seek objective truth are T (thinking)
Those who prefer to…
Get closer and act are a J (judging) Stay open and adapt are P (perceiving)

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Discover your personality profile online.
1. The wife of Zebedee...Salome.
2. The mother of James and John.
4. Many believe she was a sister of Mary.
5. A caregiver and supporter of Jesus and His disciples.
B. Mrs. Zebedee was very likely present for...
1. Jesus’ teaching on divorce and remarriage (Matthew 19:1-11)
2. The rich young ruler (Matthew 19:16-28)
3. The teaching on leaders being servants (Matthew 20:20-28)–she is specifically mentioned as being present for this.
4. The healing of two blind men (Matthew 20:29-33)

5. The triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11)
6. The clearing of the temple (Matthew 21:12-17)
7. The fig tree withering (Matthew 21:18-22)
8. Jesus’ telling of various parables (Matthew 22 and 25)
9. His altercations with the Pharisees (Matthew 23)

10. His foretelling of the future (Matthew 24)
11. Mary’s anointing Jesus for burial (Matthew 26:6-13)
12. The crucifixion, and watched as they took His body down, and as Joseph of Arimathea laid His body in the tomb. Watched as they prepared His body with a mixture of spices. (Luke 23:55; John 19:39)
13. The women who came with spices to the tomb early the next morning. (Mark 16:1; Luke 23:56)
14. The resurrection and probably was with the women when they witnessed to the disciples of His resurrection. (Luke 24:10)
15. And the story goes on…the Upper Room, Pentecost, and on and on…
C. If you were friends with Mrs. Zebedee, what takeaway would you gain from your friendship?
From Mrs. Zebedee:
1. A mom always wants the best for her children! Pray for God’s best!
2. Our ambitions for those we love may blind us to others. Think about how our lives will impact others.
3. Wanting the best is not always the pathway we think. Trust God with the path!
4. Trust God even when you don’t understand.
5. Always remain loyal and believe God for the surprise ending!
6. Just because it feels like God has blessed your life, doesn’t mean it will be easy! James was the first martyr. John the last martyr!
From Jesus:
1. God has a plan even when it is unclear as to how it will all work out!
2. To be near to Jesus, may mean suffering! Be prepared to suffer…whether you do or not.
3. Servant leadership is the only pathway to serve Jesus. A spirit of submission is necessary for God to bless our lives.
4. Leadership begins by serving.
5. Jesus has a place of service for all who will follow him…and don’t be afraid of failing, He won’t bring it back up again, but will continue to use you!
6. God alone knows the rewards of those who follow Him!
ISTJ –Responsible, sincere, analytical, reserved, realistic, systematic. Hardworking and trustworthy with sound practical judgment.

ISFJ – Warm considerate, gentle, responsible, pragmatic, and thorough. Devoted caretakers who enjoy being helpful to others.

INFJ – Idealistic, organized, insightful, dependable, compassionate and gentle. Seek harmony and cooperation, enjoy intellectual stimulation.

INTJ – Innovative, independent, strategic, logical, reserved, insightful. Driven by their own original ideas to achieve improvements.

ISTP – Action-oriented, logical, analytical, spontaneous, reserved, independent. Enjoy adventure skilled at understanding how mechanical things work.

ISFP – Gentle, sensitive, nurturing, helpful, flexible, realistic. Seek to create a personal environment that is both beautiful and practical.

INFP – Sensitive, creative, idealistic, perceptive, caring, loyal. Value inner harmony and personal growth, focus on dreams and possibilities.

INTP – Intellectual, logical, precise, reserved, flexible, imaginative. Original thinkers who enjoy speculation and creative problem-solving.

ESTP – Outgoing, realistic, action-oriented, curious, versatile, spontaneous. Pragmatic problem solvers and skillful negotiators.

ESFP – Playful, enthusiastic, friendly, spontaneous, tactful, flexible. Have strong common sense; enjoy helping people in tangible ways.

ENFP – Enthusiastic, creative spontaneous, optimistic, supportive, playful. Value inspiration; enjoy starting new projects, see potential in others.

ENTP – Inventive, enthusiastic, strategic, enterprising, inquisitive, versatile. Enjoy new ideas and challenges, value inspiration.

ESTJ – Efficient, outgoing, analytical, systematic, dependable, realistic. Like to run the show and get things done in an orderly fashion.

ESFJ – Friendly, outgoing, reliable, conscientious, organized, practical. Seek to be helpful and please others, enjoy being active and productive.

ENFJ – Caring, enthusiastic, idealistic, organized, diplomatic, responsible. Skilled communicators who value connection with people.

ENTJ – Strategic, logical, efficient, outgoing, ambitious, independent. Effective organizers of people and long- range planners.

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